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Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 05.07.2018  
July 4, 2018 marked 242 years since the declaration of independence of the United States of America.
For this day of American pride, lawmakers from the Republican Party are on an appeasement mission to Russia – America’s greatest enemy. While there, they are withholding all criticism of Russia’s falsification of the 2016 US presidential election and they are silent about Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine. Meeting with Russian war criminals behind closed doors are US Senators Richard Shelby, John Kennedy, Steve Daines, John Hoeven, John Thune, Jerry Moran, and Ron Johnson, and US Representative Kay Granger.
Journalist Julia Davis is reporting on how Russian propaganda presents the US Republican Party appeasement mission. On the “Rossiya-1” television propaganda channel, Igor Korotchenko, a member of the Russian Defence Ministry’s public advisory council, said this about US Republican Party Senators coming to Russia and also the upcoming Trump-Putin summit: "Russians should look down on the Americans, like the USSR did... You came to us, because YOU need it." Igor Morozov, a member of Russia’s Federation Council, mocked Richard Shelby for suddenly changing his previously tough stance on Russia: "One of the main initiators of anti-Russian sanctions... he now says we’re a superpower and competitors... You bet we are competitors, in every area."
The only news coming out of the shocking appeasement mission of US Congressmen to Russia comes from Russian propaganda. No substantive statement has been forthcoming from the US side. Public relations is left exclusively to the Russians. On Russian state television, the Chairman of the State Duma Foreign Affairs Committee, Konstantin Kosachev, said that the mere fact of Republican Party lawmakers travelling to Russia is a concession, since the US previously pledged to isolate Russia for ‘annexing’ Crimea. Now, Kosachev says, the US has renounced that pledge. Konstantin Kosachev is under sanctions by the US Treasury for taking part in the falsification of the 2016 US presidential election and for other ‘malign activity.’
The Russians got something for nothing out of the visit by the Americans. The Putin regime got validation and support for its war against Western civilization from Richard Shelby and company. Russia obtained the obeisance of the Republican Party lawmakers without any pledge in return. Russia did not say it would stop its war against Ukraine or its attacks on US democratic institutions or its destruction of the post-Second World War rules-based international order. 
Bad as the appeasement mission of the Republican Party lawmakers to Russia was on July 4, the upcoming appeasement summit on July 16 promises to be much worse. Putin and compromised asset of Russia’s intelligence services Trump plan to meet in Helsinki. Word leaked on July 3 that Putin will have the opportunity to instruct his creature Trump alone, in a meeting with no aides present on either side. There will be no notes, no witnesses, no official record of this meeting – just like the meeting of the Republican Party members of Congress with Russian politicians and officials. The silovik Putin will easily manipulate the profoundly weak Trump.
Americans want to know why Trump and the Republican Party lawmakers are betraying US interests and openly serving Russian interests. But to get to that understanding, they would get more answers if they looked at what the Putin regime is doing. Russia is invading Ukraine. Putin has set out to destroy the Revolution of Dignity which brought true independence to the Ukrainian people in 2013-14. Nothing is more threatening to Putin’s dictatorial power than a free and thriving Ukrainian nation. In the zero-sum-game of Putin’s “Rooskiy Mir” any sign of Ukraine winning is a sign of Russia losing. Putin is trying to restore whatever of the Soviet Union or the Russian Empire he can by waging war to annihilate Ukraine. But after over four years of fighting, the Muscovy invaders have only managed to occupy Ukraine’s Crimea and part of Ukraine’s Donbas.
While the appeasement mission is going on, and while the appeasement summit is being planned, Russia is attacking Ukraine. Only July 4, Russian armed forces in Donbas attacked Ukrainian defenders and civilians at Krymske, Prychepylivka, Svitlodarsk, Zaitseve, Pivdenne, Avdiivka, Nevelske, Novomykhaylivka, Pavlopil, Talakivka, Lebedynske, Vodyane, and Shyrokyne. The Russians bombarded the Ukrainians with artillery and assaulted them with sabotage and reconnaissance groups. In the Sea of Azov, the Russian coast guard has been up to a bit of high seas piracy, detaining vessels just outside territorial waters off Berdyansk, Ukraine. Ukrainian hostages who are being held by the Putin regime in Russian-occupied Ukrainian Crimea and in the Russian Federation are being abused by grotesque ‘sentences’ from illegal courts and are being tortured by the denial of medical treatment.
Western media are silent about Russian war crimes against Ukraine. Republican Party lawmakers and Trump are silent about the reason for their appeasement of Russia. The voices of the Ukrainian people – voices of democracy and of resistance – are muffled while the voice of Russian hate propaganda against Ukraine and against the United States is being amplified.

Russia is at war with Ukraine and has been on the attack for over four years – but some Americans are only realizing this now. Since 2015, Trump has been attacking bipartisan US policy and the policy of all leading industrial democracies that Russia’s so-called ‘annexation’ of Ukraine’s Crimea has no legitimacy whatsoever. Even though the overwhelming sentiment of loyal Americans is that Russia's war against Ukraine is unprovoked and unjustified, Trump defends Russia always. He does this because he is a compromised asset of Russia’s intelligence services since the 1980s – but some Americans are only realizing this now. The Republican Party stopped being the “party of Lincoln” at the convention in Cleveland in July 2016. That’s when Paul Manafort and other Russian agents turned the GOP into the US version of the now-defunct Party of Regions in Ukraine – which was managed by Manafort for Putin from late 2004 to early 2014. Some Americans are only now realizing  that the Republican Party of today is dead as an American conservative party. It was reborn in 2016 as a Russian proxy like the Party of Regions in Ukraine.

If Americans want to save their republic, they have to stop ignoring Ukraine. Putin pays obsessive attention to Ukraine, and that is why he is winning his war against the United States.
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