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Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 02.09.2018 
When Putin ordered the assassination of Aleksandr Zakharchenko, he expected Western mainstream media to follow Kremlin propaganda language about the event. He was not disappointed. Prominent news organizations like the BBC and Reuters uncritically amplify the words the invaders of Ukraine from Muscovy use to describe the atrocities they commit in Donbas. They silence the words the Ukrainian defenders and witnesses use to describe Putin’s War and its consequences.
Aleksandr Zakharchenko was assassinated on August 31. An explosion ripped apart a cafe in the city of Donetsk, which has been occupied by and under the complete control of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation since the summer of 2014. Zakharchenko was a proxy for the Kremlin for its occupation regime in the part of Donetsk region which Muscovy occupies. The Federal Security Service (FSB) of the Russian Federation created, sustains, pays, and arms a terrorist group which it calls the “Donetsk People’s Republic” – the “DPR.” Aleksandr Zakharchenko was the figurehead atop the so-called “DPR” but the FSB called the shots. A petty criminal plucked from obscurity by the Muscovite invaders, Zakharchenko was allowed to skim some of the profits of the massive theft of the wealth of Donbas that has been underway since 2014. Zakharchenko outlived his usefulness, and was an inconvenient witness and participant in the war crimes Putin’s invaders committed in 2014, such as shooting down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.
These are the facts: a figurehead of an FSB terrorist organization was assassinated in a place entirely controlled by the FSB and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Occam’s Razor leads to the conclusion that Putin ordered Zakharchenko to be killed.
Bizarrely, mainstream news organizations, including the BBC and Reuters, refuse to report the assassination of Aleksandr Zakharchenko critically or with any insight. The BBC and Reuters effectively editorialize in favour of the regime of aggressor Muscovy by amplifying the following Kremlin propaganda lies:
“Ukraine crisis”: Russia’s invasion of and war against Ukraine is an international war. But the Kremlin and the BBC and Reuters and other Russo-centric media claim that some internal conflict is taking place. This is a complete lie. There would be no war in Donbas if Russia had not invaded. Crimea would not be ‘annexed’ to Russia if Russia had not invaded.
“Pro-Russian”: Individuals in the Russian occupation regime in Donbas are described by the Kremlin as “pro-Russian.” These individuals are actually citizens of the Russian Federation or Ukrainian citizens who are members of illegal armed formations that are led by Russian security services. To describe Russians and Russian agents as “pro-Russian” is tautological nonsense.
“Rebel” or “separatist”: The veneer of a separatist rebellion is put on the Russian invasion-occupation regime in Donbas, and is gullibly presented by the BBC and Reuters and other Russo-centric media. The 1st Army Corps and the 2nd Army Corps are units of the 8th Army of the Southern Military District of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. The Russian army is invading and waging war against Ukraine. But all Putin has to do is remove Russian army insignia and hoist made-up flags and an uncritical Western press repeats the lie of a separatist rebellion. The BBC or Reuters never define the nature of the so-called rebellion, or say who the so-called “rebels” are. That is because the words “rebel” or “separatist” do not apply in any way to Russia’s war against Ukraine.
The BBC and Reuters and most mainstream Western news organizations are Russo-centric and Ukraine-ignorant. They do a grave disservice to the public by presenting Kremlin propaganda as news, and ignoring the truth of events of Russia’s invasion of and war against Ukraine.


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