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Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 25.11.2018 
Special operations forces of the Ukrainian army took full control of the abandoned village of Rozsadky. The small territorial gain is the latest victory in Ukraine’s defence against the invasion of Donbas by the Russian Federation which began in April 2014.
Rozsadky was a "grey zone" settlement being used by Russian invasion-occupation troops to fire at Europe's defenders. It lies in the Svitlodarsk bulge area of the battlefront 11 kilometres north-north-west of Debaltseve, a Ukrainian city in Donetsk region which was captured by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in February 2015. When Putin’s army seized Debaltseve and pushed the invasion front right up to Rozsadky village it was the the first of a non-stop series of egregious violations of the Minsk Agreement committed by the Russian Federation since that accord was signed on 11 February 2015.
The press centre of the Joint Forces Operation (JFO) of the Armed Forces of Ukraine gave details about the operation to clear Rozsadky settlement of enemy forces. Special operations forces carried out the mission, backed up by units of the 72nd “Black Zaporizhian” Mechanized Brigade and sappers (because of the danger of Russian mines).
The decision to take Rozsadky under full Joint Forces control was made a month ago, when Russian invasion-occupation troops were detected in the village by Ukrainian military intelligence. On November 22, the Russians fired anti-tank guided missiles from Rozsadky at Ukrainian defensive fortifications outside Luhanske. The JFO press centre writes: “In order to prevent activity by the invaders and to exclude the presence of fighters there, the village was cleared by Special Operations Forces soldiers. Trained and experienced, they proved once again that the elite of the Ukrainian army would, in all circumstances, resist both Russian occupiers and their mercenaries.”
Despite hostile fire, the Ukrainian army liberated Rozsadky without casualties and raised the Ukrainian flag under the very nose of the Russian invaders. Previously only under the fire control of the Ukrainian army, Rozsadky is now under full operational control and occupied by the Ukrainian army and is in the “grey zone” no longer.
Since the Battle of Debaltseve in January-February 2015 Ukraine has not lost any territory to the Russian invaders. The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation have ceded ground at many points along the Donbas battlefront since that time. Rozsadky is the latest loss to the Russians and victory to the Ukrainians. Another piece of Ukrainian land is back in Ukrainian hands.
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