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Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 20.09.2018
2,911 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed fighting against foreign invaders in Donbas from Muscovy. That is the price that the Ukrainian nation alone bears for defending Europe. No other European nation is with the Ukrainians in the trenches to stop Putin at war.
Afraid to mention the Russian Federation, some friends and partners of Ukraine have nevertheless expressed some support for Ukrainians at the front line of the defence of Europe. Gavin Williamson is the United Kingdom’s Secretary of State for Defence and is one of the latest in a string of European and North American leaders to visit the battlefront in Donbas where the Ukrainian army is engaging the Muscovite enemy.
Whether he heeded the words or not, Mr. Williamson was told by the Commander of the Joint Forces Operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant-General Serhiy Nayev, about attacks by Russian Federation forces against Ukrainian defenders and civilians, and also about the use of Minsk Agreement-proscribed weaponry that was supplied from the Russian Federation and used by Putin’s army in Donbas.
Mr. Williamson met with soldiers of the Ukrainian army, saying he was impressed with their courage and bravery. On September 19, he wrote on Twitter: “We stand side by side with our Ukrainian friends in the face of shared threats and in defence of tolerance, justice and democracy.
The UK defence secretary’s visit to the Donbas battlefront came one day after a visit by diplomats from the Benelux Union, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. A delegation of political directors from the foreign ministries of the Benelux countries visited the checkpoint at Mayorsk, which is north-west of the Russian Federation-occupied city of Horlivka. Like Mr. Williamson, the Benelux diplomats were shown compelling proof that the war in Ukraine is Putin’s War against Ukraine.
Again without mentioning the Russian Federation, the Political Director at the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of Luxembourg, Olivier Maes, expressed support for Ukraine’s territorial integrity in a tweet he sent on September 19.
Making symbolic visits to the battlefront is better than not going at all, but it loses its power in diplomacy when the enemy, the Russian Federation, is not named and it is not called the battlefront. Noting the sacrifices of Ukrainian soldiers is better than ignoring them, but it loses its meaning in politics when the cause of those sacrifices – the defence of Europe from Muscovite aggression – is not named. 
2,911 Ukrainian soldiers have died to defend Ukraine, Europe, and Western civilization from barbarian invasion from Muscovy. The rest of Europe and North American had better get in the fight with a plan for victory over the Muscovites. Western civilization is worth defending – and not just by Ukrainians alone.
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