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Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 08.11.2018 
Trump never has a bad word to say about Putin or about Russia. Even when asked to confirm a basic fact which Putin and the Russians freely acknowledge to be true – the annexation of Crimea – Trump denies it. Trump is more pro-Putin than Putin himself.
At a press briefing on November 8 in the White House in Washington, D.C., the following bizarre exchange took place:
Trump: “Ah … Ukraine … ah, about the fact that President Obama allowed a very large part of Ukraine to be taken and right now you have submarines off that particular parcel that we’re talking about … you know what I’m talking about …”
Reuters reporter Jeff Mason: “That was President Putin who annexed Crimea, sir.”
Trump: “That was President Obama’s regime … it was during President Obama, right? That was not doing me.”
Mason: “Mr. President, it was President Putin who did the annexation, sir.”
Trump: “No, no. It was President Obama that allowed it to happen. It had nothing to do with me.”
Three times Trump blamed former President Barack Obama for “allowing” the annexation to happen. Twice he denied that Putin annexed Crimea. Trump refused to entertain the idea that the annexation of Crimea was connected to Putin.
In fact, Putin himself freely admits that the Russian Federation occupies and says it has annexed the southernmost region of Ukraine, Crimea. “Krym Nash! Crimea is Ours!” is what Kremlin propaganda has been blaring for four and a half years. Why Trump feels the need to emphatically deny something that Putin is proud to admit is a mystery.
Trump revealed his weaknesses and insecurities in his rambling remarks. He said there are submarines off the coast of Crimea. Whether he was talking about American or Russian submarines, he was blabbing top secret information to the whole world. This could only be harmful to the security of the United States.
Trump also referred to the tenure of President Obama as a “regime.” Here, Trump is practicing moral equivalency. In fact, President Obama was the Head of Government and Head of State of a constitutional republic. It is Putin who heads a regime, for the Russian dictator has never fought in a free and fair election and the Russian Federation does not have the rule of law.
Put into power by the Putin regime in 2016, Trump knows that his claim to the mantle of the Presidency of the United States is very weak. He’s projecting his own fears o illegitimacy by referring to “President Obama’s regime.”
It is the policy of Trump’s own administration that Putin annexed Crimea. The US made the Crimea Declaration on 25 July 2018, reaffirming as policy its “refusal to recognize the Kremlin’s claims of sovereignty over territory seized by force in contravention of international law.” Crimea is Ukraine, says the US, and it “pledges to maintain this policy until Ukraine’s territorial integrity is restored.”
Trump is going against his own administration’s policy, every US ally, and giving grave offence to the Ukrainian people. He is doing this to make a groundless and completely unnecessary defence of Putin.
Trump is an agent of influence of the Russian Federation, and entirely Putin’s creature. Trump’s insane remarks about Russian-invaded and occupied Ukrainian Crimea confirm it.
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