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Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 23.02.2019 
Russian information warfare against Ukraine is total war. In the hands of the Kremlin, every aspect of communications, news, and entertainment is in the service of Putin’s War. The common theme of war propaganda for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is that Ukraine is “not a real country” and that Rooskiy Mir (the Russian World) is the natural state of all Slavs. Muscovy über Alles, über alles in der Welt.
In the context of the Russian Federation’s five year long war against Ukraine, the Russians have produced a weapon of information warfare in the form of a film about World War II. Called “T-34,” the film ostensibly is about the heroism of Russians against Germans. But using the mindset of Soviet propaganda, the film’s protagonists are ‘true’ Russians or ‘Great Russians’ and the film’s antagonists are irredeemably evil ‘fascist’ enemies.
The Russian Federation is invading Ukraine in Crimea and part of Donbas. Although it is a total lie, Kremlin propaganda presents Putin’s War as ‘true’ Russians defending themselves against Ukrainian ‘fascists’ or ‘Banderists.’ The film “T-34” projects this Russian disinformation and hate propaganda against the Ukrainian people.
Nikita Mikhalkov is one of the film’s producers. He has spread Kremlin lies about the Revolution of Dignity of the Ukrainian people being a ‘NATO coup’ and supported the illegal so-called ‘annexation’ of Crimea, Ukraine to the Russian Federation. Another producer, Len Blavatnik, is an oligarch of the Putin-Kremlin crime syndicate and is under investigation by several U.S. law enforcement agencies.
Worldwide there are calls to boycott the film “T-34” or to remove it from cinemas. In Canada, the Ukrainian Canadian Congress has appealed to Cineplex to reconsider screening “T-34” in its theatres.
No company should want to be seen to be supporting the Russian Federation’s war against Ukraine. Over ten thousand Ukrainian citizen’s have been killed since 2014 by the Rooskiy Mir imperialist aggression which the film “T-34” glorifies. No moral person or company wants to be a part of that.
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