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Editorial, Radio Lemberg, 05.03.2018 


On February 26, a young investigative journalist named Ján Kuciak and his fiancée Martina Kušnírová were found dead in their house in eastern Slovakia. They were murdered. This was the first time such a thing had happened in Slovakia. As Kuciak had been investigating a case which involved the embezzlement of EU funds, connected with the powerful Calabrian crime syndicate 'Ndrangheta, Italian gangsters were suspected and soon detained. There may, though, be other threads to the story. 


Since the murders Slovakia has been in turmoil. Huge protests demanded the Prime Minister, Robert Fico, and his much-hated Minister of the Interior, Robert Kaliňák should go. Even President Andrej Kiska (a decent, non-partisan man with limited powers but much moral authority) announced on TV last Sunday that the government should be "fundamentally restructured" or there should be elections as soon as possible. 


Fico appeared on TV somewhat later, and said something that baffled the Slovak audience. He said Kiska's speech “was not written in Slovakia”. 


This allegation would have sounded more familiar in Muscovy or in neighbouring Hungary. In Hungary, the governments' pre-election propaganda is centred on the conspiracy theory that an evil force from "outside Hungary" – namely, George Soros – is working both to undermine the government and to destroy Europe as a whole by resettling countless millions of Muslims on the continent. 


It was Hungarians, both in Hungary and Slovakia (where they constitute a large ethnic minority) who first noticed that Fico is playing the Soros card. They soon proved to be perfectly right, but, still on Sunday, another ominous thing happened first. 


A veteran politician named Ján Čarnogurský wrote an open letter in his capacity as the Chairman of the Slovak-Russian Society. He used to be a decent Christian Democrat, and was even prime minister before the Czecho–Slovakian split. But over the years he became Putin's prime advocate in mainstream Slovak politics, and a laughing-stock for that. Čarnogurský called Soros explicitly as the bogeyman. This was also something unexpected in Slovakia. Politicians had made remarks here and there, suggesting mostly that Soros, a born Hungarian, helps anti-Slovak forces, but he was not really in focus. 


What was worse, unlike the Orbán government, Čarnogurský did not bother to disguise the fact that he follows the Kremlin's propaganda line. He described Soros as the puppet-master of all colour revolutions. The Heavenly Hundred (in his story he includes Berkut people too) had to be killed because EuroMaidan began to lose momentum, and something had to be done to turn the people against their lawful leader, Viktor Yanukovich. Čarnogurský claims he knows all this from “Western sources”. And now that "Soros arrived in Slovakia" (not literally, but as a figurative force that is active on the home scene), Kuciak and his girlfriend had to be murdered because the same evil force, helped by the liberal media, wanted to turn “uninformed people” against their constitutional leaders, who are disliked in some Western circles. “Otherwise, Ján Kuciak's murder doesn't makes sense.” 


Somewhat later, but still on Sunday, it became known that on Friday three Slovak language Russian disinformation websites pounded away at the theory that Kuciak was Soros's (or "the shrewd Jewish brothers’”) hired man, who had the the aim to destabilize the country. He was sacrificed to foment a “Slovak Maidan" or "a political coup". 


The next day, Monday, March 5, Fico started the Russian-made “Soros application”, asking rhetorically, “Why did Kiska meet George Soros?” last September. 


With this, Fico implied that it was Soros who planned the unconstitutional attack against his government, using the double murder only as a pretext. Which seems to indicate that he follows the political techniques of Hungary's Orbán. Fico and Orbán both use the strategy and the propaganda methods that were concocted in the Kremlin's information warfare laboratories.


The main picture: a courtesy of Shooty

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