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Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 02.08.2018 
A group of politicians and businessmen from Slovakia has made an illegal entry into Ukraine. A Slovak delegation is now in Crimea without having been granted permission to be there by the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.
Crimea is a region of Ukraine that has been invaded and is illegally occupied by the Russian Federation. Slovakia is one of the 100 countries who voted to approve United Nations General Assembly Resolution 68/262, which commits UN members to the territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally-recognized borders and calls upon them not to recognize the so-called ‘annexation’ of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the City of Sevastopol to the Russian Federation. Crimea is Ukraine, says Slovakia.
The nominal organizer of the trip is Slovak independent MP Peter Marček (in the center of the photo). The actual organizer of the trip is Russian Andrei Nazarov, head of the so-called ‘Yalta Economic Forum.’ Apparently, 10 people have arrived in Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine (Russian-occupied).
The Slovak delegation was warned beforehand that entering Crimea without the permission of Ukraine is against Ukrainian law and Slovakian policy. The Ukrainian Ambassador to Slovakia, Yuriy Mushka, wrote a letter to all political parties in Slovakia, warning of the consequences of illegal entry to Ukraine. “Those who visit Crimea violate the laws of Ukraine, and the Ukrainian side will respond to this decision. I think that people who visit the Crimea will face an entry ban in the future,” he said.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovakia advised the MPs and business that they should respect the laws of Ukraine. “Slovakia recognizes the territorial integrity of Ukraine at its internationally recognized borders, including Crimea, and in view of the current situation in the Crimean peninsula, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not recommend this visit,” said the spokesperson for the Slovak foreign ministry, Peter Susko.
The group that is scoffing at Ukrainian law and Slovak policy has the "support" of Andrej Danko, speaker of the National Council of the Slovak Republic and chairperson of the Slovak National Party. Andrej Danko took issue with Ukrainian Ambassador Mushka’s advisory about Ukrainian law. Andrej Danko said he “supports’ the visit of the Slovak delegation to Crimea, Ukraine (Russian-occupied).
Ukrainian laws apply to all persons in Ukraine. Crimea is part of Ukraine, and the government in Bratislava recognizes that. Slovak MPs and businessmen cannot ignore the laws of Ukraine, in Ukraine, without consequences.
The group of law-breaking Slovaks will meet Putin’s Gauleiter in occupied Crimea, Sergey “The Goblin” Aksyonov. This notorious gangster was made the nominal ‘head’ of the occupation regime in Crimea. “The Goblin” is sanctioned by the United States, the European Union, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, Japan, Norway, and other countries for constituting a grave threat to international peace and security.
The day before the Slovak delegation illegally entered Ukraine, the EU Council sanctioned six Russian companies that were involved in the construction of the illegal Kerch Bridge. Those firms are now under an asset freeze because they further undermined the further undermine the territorial integrity, sovereignty, and independence of Ukraine, according to the EU Council. Clearly the 10 Slovak border-jumpers are guilty of the same offence, and should be sanctioned as individuals by the EU.
Slovakia has been badly infiltrated and corrupted by Russia. The Russians are targeting Slovakia to drive a wedge between Slovaks and their EU neighbours and their NATO partners. Luring 10 marginal political and business figures with extremist views to Crimea, Ukraine (Russian-occupied) is one tactic. Another is to construct a paramilitary base inside Slovakia itself. The criminal syndicate “Night Wolves,” which presents itself as a motorcycle club, has built a military-style training base in the village of Dolna Krupá, which lies 70 kilometres to the north-east of Bratislava. Aerial photographs show old military equipment, such as a tank and armoured personnel carriers.
The Night Wolves played the part of ‘local militants’ when Russia invaded Europe in Crimea in early 2014. Now they’re in central Europe, ready to take the stage for the next ‘provokatsia’ from the Kremlin.
The Slovak government is letting down the EU and NATO by its negligence and laziness in the defence of the civilizational values that sustain the West. Allowing Slovak citizens, especially prominent ones, to break Ukrainian law does great damage to the rules-based international order. Without the rules-based international order, Slovakia is just another little country at the mercy of aggression from Muscovy. Ukraine is stopping Putin at War in the trenches of Donbas, and saving Slovakia in doing so. The least Slovakia can do is punish its 10 politician and businessmen Ukrainian law-breakers, as well as kick out the Night Wolves.
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