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Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 26.06.2018  
Just before midnight on June 23, an encampment of Roma people was attacked in a forest on the outskirts of Lviv, Ukraine. In the course of the attack, a 24 year old man was killed and four other people were injured. Police arrested seven male Lviv residents at the scene, who were all aged 16 or 17. Later, the police arrested a 20 year old man who they alleged was the organizer of the crime.
The suspects are young men who are students at a Lviv secondary school and a vocational school. The police say that they belong to an extremist right wing group called “Sober and Angry Youth.” On social media, the group is known as “Lemberg Jugend,” which is a name meant to evoke the Hitler Youth in the 1920s, 30s, and 40s in Germany. “Lemberg Jugend” is a subdivision of the neo-Nazi “Misanthropic Division” organization, according to "Information Resistance".
"Information Resistance" is an open-source intelligence non-governmental organization, with a proven track record at uncovering the truth behind the hybrid warfare of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In February-March 2014, "Information Resistance" identified the “little green men” in Crimea as special operations forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation – which they did earlier than practically everybody else.  "Information Resistance" says that the attacks on the Roma people in Ukraine by neo-Nazis are a carefully crafted operation of the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation – the SVR.
On June 25, "Information Resistance" presented background to the attacks on the Roma people on their web site. The group said that the thread of “Sober and Angry Youth” to “Lemberg Jugend” to “Misanthropic Division” leads to Russian television propagandist, Tomasz Maciejczuk. The way "Information Resistance" puts it, Tomasz Maciejczuk is engaging in an exaggerated dog whistle to domestic Russian audiences and to compromised Western media. “The fact is that Misanthropic Division is an organization spun by the creative Pole. It was he who intimidated the public with this organization in his interviews, allegedly exposing the eerie regime of the 'Kyiv junta,' which absorbed the elements of 'Banderism and Nazism,” according to the Information Resistance report.
When the attacks on the Roma people began in Ukraine, first to press with the fully-formed story was another Russian propagandist, Dmitry Ermolaev, who is editor-in-chief of the Federal Rossiyskiye Vesti weekly, an alleged SVR agent, and a handler of SVR asset Tomasz Maciejczuk. “The Telegram channel, which was the catalyst for the attacks on the Roma, received a huge number of reposts through Russian VKontakte groups,” according to the "Information Resistance" report.
The picture that emerges is that the immediate perpetrators of the attacks on the Roma people are radicalized youth, but the driver behind the co-ordinated campaign of violence is a carefully planned SVR operations meant to create, as "Information Resistance" says, “a negative information wave both inside and outside Ukraine.”
The head of the Security Service of Ukraine, Vasyl Hrytsak, said “Russia may be behind” the attack on the Roma people. He said on June 25: “We understand that Russians are always trying to play with the so-called interethnic issues.” As the head of a secret intelligence agency, Vasyl Hrytsak was naturally not forthcoming with the information that led to his conclusion that Russia may be behind the Roma attacks.
Indeed, Russia always tries to present Ukraine as a failed state. Russian propaganda describes the Revolution of Dignity of the Ukrainian people which took place in 2013-14 as a “Nazi coup” and it describes Putin’s invasion of Ukraine that began in 2014 as a “civil war.” Radicalizing Ukrainian youth and goading them towards violence against an ethnic minority suits the goals of Russia’s war against Ukraine perfectly.
In fact, there is no surge of fascist or Nazi sympathy in Ukraine. In the last parliamentary elections in Ukraine, extreme right-wing political parties performed so poorly among Ukrainian voters that they failed to pass the minimum threshold and failed to gain representation in the Verknovna Rada, Ukraine’s parliament. This has not been the case with extreme right wing political parties in Austria and in Italy, which now are ruling parties in coalition governments.
Russia is at war with Ukraine. Ukraine must defend itself against in implacable Putin regime that seeks the obliteration of the Ukrainian nation. Ukraine must fight the Russian military in Donbas. Ukraine must fight the SVR and the FSB and the GRU and every other agency of the massive Russian security and intelligence apparatus. Multiple attacks against Roma people by neo-Nazis are occurring in a short period of time in many areas of Ukraine. Co-ordination is evident, and it is not by the neo-Nazis themselves.
The so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic” and “Luhansk People’s Republic” are creations of Russia’s intelligence services fronted by local “Useful Idiots” to be cover for Russia’s invasion Ukraine in Donbas. The “Sober and Angry Youth”/“Lemberg Jugend”/“Misanthropic Division” construct is made-in-Moscow to engender criticism of Ukraine and further the divide-and-conquer strategy of Putin’s global war against the West.
Photo: a young Roma boy holding a slogan in Hungarian with a huge grammar mistake caused by Google-translating from Russian (Nincs rasszizmus means There is no racism, the proper translation of Нет расизму / No to racism would be Nem a rasszizmusnak) 
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