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Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 22.01.2018 
Russian occupation forces in Ukraine attacked a passenger bus near Olenivka on January 21. One person was killed and one was injured in the attack. The bus was fired upon by soldiers of the 1st Army Corps (Donetsk or so-called “DPR”) of the Russian armed forces. They attacked the bus at their checkpoint near the village of Olenivka, which is in the Russia-occupied zone of Ukraine’s Donetsk region.
Anatoly Kazakov, 57 years old and a resident of Donetsk, died of a head wound. Aleksandr Dubrov, a 65 year old resident of Shakhtarsk was brought to a hospital in Russia-occupied Donetsk.
According to Ukrainian armed forces command, the Russians carried out this attack in a failed attempt to “discredit the Ukrainian army in the eyes of the world community and the local civil population.”
The Olenivka checkpoint is four kilometres away, in a straight line, from the village of Taramchuk, which is in free Ukraine and under the control of the Ukrainian armed forces. The checkpoint is 1.3 kilometres straight line distance from the village of Olenivka, which is in occupied Ukraine under the control of the Russian armed forces.
The injured survivor, Aleksandr Dubrov, was interviewed for Russian propaganda TV “Russia-24.” He said that the attack occurred at the “DPR” checkpoint.
Three years ago, on 22 January 2015, the Russians fired mortars at a trolleybus stop in the Leninskyi district of occupied Donetsk city. At least eight people were killed. The location in Russia-controlled Donetsk was well beyond the range of mortars of the Ukrainian armed forces, who were outside the city to the west and to the north. On 13 January 2015, the Russians fired Grad rockets from occupied Dokuchayevsk at Volnovakha in free Ukraine. A bus was struck near a checkpoint, killing 12 people and injuring 13.
In all three bus attacks – the Dokuchayevsk rocket attack, the Donetsk trolleybus stop mortar attack, and the Olenivka checkpoint attack – the Russians were quick with a propaganda narrative that the Ukrainian armed forces were to blame. The reason why the Russians were ready is that the attacks they made on civilians were planned, and were carefully co-ordinated with a Russian TV and social media campaign. The ‘blame Ukraine’ story, in each case, was contradictory, false, and easily refuted. But the Putin war machine gets the desired effect. Russia’s acts of war feed into a ‘facts don’t matter’ realm of information warfare which Russia dominates.
Gunmen under the command and control of the Putin regime in Moscow shot at a bus and killed and injured civilians. Russia committed an act of state terrorism. The civilized West cannot tolerate the barbarism of Muscovy. The invasion of Europe in Crimea and Donbas by Russia is an existential threat to Western civilization. Russian soldiers committed a murderous attack at Olenivka on January 22. Russia’s military and political leadership, particularly Vladimir Putin, is responsible.
1,431 days after Russia launched the invasion of Ukraine in Crimea, Russian soldiers carried out this attack on a bus at Olenivka in Donbas. That’s 1,431 days of murderous acts of state terrorism by Russia endured by Ukrainians. That’s 1,431 days of Putin’s War that has gone unchallenged by Western democracies (other than Ukraine) and mostly unreported by the Russo-centric and Ukraine-ignorant Western press. If the Olenivka terrorist attack by Russia goes unnoticed by the West that Putin is attacking, then Putin wins.
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