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Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 26.01.2018 
The Russian occupation administration in Crimea increasingly is persecuting Ukrainian citizens. Crimean Tatars are a particular target. The invaders from Muscovy are harassing, abducting, torturing, and holding hostage more and more of the autochthonous people of Ukraine’s southern peninsula. Russia’s abuse of human rights is now so extreme that the so-called ‘authorities’ in Crimea are reaching back to a time before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, before 20 February 2014, to invent ‘crimes’ against the Russian Federation.
On January 25, gunmen of the Russian occupation administration in Ukraine’s territory of Crimea carried out blitz searches of homes of Ebazer Islyamov and Enver Krosh. After the searches, the two men were taken away by the armed and masked men.
Ebazer Islyamov, from Nizhnegorsk, has a brain tumour. Despite knowing this, his Russian tormentors detained him and put him through a sham court hearing. Enver Krosh is from Dzhankoj; he was tortured by Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) in December 2015 for refusing to collaborate with the Muscovy invader-occupiers. Both men were charged with committing the crime of ‘propaganda or public demonstration of attributes or symbols of extremist organizations.’ This is a Russian law, and it is illegal for Russia as the occupying power to apply it to Ukrainian citizens. The suppose crimes that were committed were publishing innocuous social media posts: Islyamov in 2012 and Krosh in 2013. As Russia did not invade, occupy, and claim to have ‘annexed’ Crimea until 2014, it is a mystery what criminal code was violated and what country was offended – Russia or Ukraine?
Early on January 23, gunmen of the Russian occupation administration in Ukraine’s territory of Crimea burst into the home of Ismail Ramazanov in Novy Mir and abducted him. His whereabouts were unknown until 1 a.m. the next morning. Ramazanov had been beaten by the FSB men during the search and later in their vehicle. At a court hearing on January 24, he was denied medical assistance or examination, and remanded into custody by a so-called ‘judge,’ Iryna Kirillova. Ramazanov was charged with ‘incitement to enmity’ for expressing views which the Russian invader-occupiers don’t like on the Zello Internet radio station in October 2017.
Another target of armed searches on January 23 was Muksin Dzhambaz from Stary Krym. The gunmen burst into the home of Dzhambaz’s elderly parents, and then rummaged through his apartment.
Ongoing persecution of the Crimean Tatars by the Russian occupation administration adds to a long list of Russia’s gross abuses of human rights. Russia is already in jeopardy in the International Court of Justice for its illegal ban of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People; for its effective elimination of the Ukrainian language; for discarding Ukrainian law and illegally imposing Russian law in Crimea; for conscription into a foreign army; for forcing Russian citizenship; for taking prisoners out of Crimea into Russia; and for killing, torture, and harsh treatment of the captive population. Russia is making things worse for itself by persecuting Islyamov, Krosh, Ramazanov, Dzhambaz, and many, many other Ukrainian citizens.
Russian invader-occupiers attack the Crimean Tatars out of racial hatred and they persecute all members of the captive population in Crimea who display their natural loyalty to Ukraine. The Muscovites fear and hate the Crimean Tatars, Ukrainians and Russians who were in Crimea before they invaded and will be there after they leave. Foreigners from Muscovy imposed occupation by force on Crimea. Invasion cannot make Crimea a part of Russia because Crimea is Ukraine.
On main photo: Crimean Tatars protest in Kyiv against Russia's occupation of Ukraine's Crimea.
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