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Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 16.11.2018  
The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation treacherously shelled the settlements of Shumy and Pivdenne, Ukraine on November 15. Bombarding the villages with 120 millimetre and 82 millimetre calibre mortars from a residential area of occupied Horlivka, Russian invasion troops completely destroyed two houses in Pivdenne.
Russian forces invading and occupying Ukraine waited until they knew OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine teams had left Shumy and Pivdenne. The OSCE allows Russia to monitor its own invasion from inside the OSCE SMM so it's very easy for the aggressor to know where to attack. The OSCE allows representatives of the aggressor state on monitoring teams and refuses representatives of the defending state on them.
The fire positions of the Russian forces, as usual, were located in the middle of a residential neighbourhood of occupied Horlivka. The direction of fire indicates that the bombardment was launched from the Haharina mine settlement in the western outskirts of the city of Horlivka. Ukrainian forces did not fire back at an area inhabited by civilians. Russians fire on Ukrainian civilians from areas inhabited by Ukrainian civilians as a matter of policy as they are invading Ukraine. The Ukrainian army doesn’t fire on Ukrainian civilians as a matter of policy as it is defending Ukraine.
The Horlivka-Toretsk water pipeline runs across the demarcation line immediately to the east of Shumy settlement. It supplies water to almost 60 thousand people. Because of the bombardment by Russian occupation troops, Ukrainian authorities assess a high probability of damage to this public infrastructure.
The Ukrainian side of the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination (JCCC) condemned the occupation administration and armed groups of the Russian Federation for shelling settlements: “The occupiers irresponsibly and deliberately continue to destroy residential neighbourhoods, violating all the norms of international humanitarian law.”
The Putin regime committed a war crime for which it will face no punishment for the foreseeable future.
In Putin’s War, the Russians destroy eastern Ukraine while the Ukrainians build it. On the same day that Putin’s invasion army was shelling civilians west of Horlivka in Russian-occupied Donetsk region, Ukrainian authorities completed reconstruction of another bridge, near Popasna in free Ukraine’s Luhansk region. The original bridge had been all but destroyed by Russian invasion troops in 2014. The new bridge over a railway line is the third Russian-destroyed bridge restored by the Joint Forces Operation since it took charge in the combat zone in May 2018.
November 15 demonstrated once again that the Russian Federation tears down European civilization while Ukraine shores it up.
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