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Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 09.09.2018 
The invaders and occupiers of Ukraine from Muscovy plan to hold illegal elections in Donbas. This is a blatant violation of the Minsk Agreement and of the obligations of the Russian Federation to guarantee that elections are held under the laws of Ukraine. The international community should impose severe sanctions on the Putin regime for this act of war. Several time before, though, the Putin regime has conducted illegal elections in Crimea and in Donbas. Subsequent to these previous breaches of the Minsk Agreement there were no meaningful consequences to make the Kremlin change its behaviour. Putin’s invaders plan to make the captive population of Ukrainians suffer more … and they expect to get away with it, scot-free.
On August 31 Putin’s assassins blew up a café in occupied Donetsk, Ukraine and killed the Kremlin’s proxy and terrorist, Aleksandr Zakharchenko. Killing Zakharchenko allowed Putin to make a more compliant terrorist, Denis Pushilin, the figurehead for the Muscovy occupation regime in Donetsk region. The occupation regime from Moscow has announced so-called ‘elections’ will be held on November 11 in the part of eastern Ukraine controlled by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. These will be Soviet-style affirmation exercises, and not competitive elections: the result will be determined before the vote. The sham election will affirm Denis Pushilin as head of the fake statelet, the so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic.” It will also affirm Putin proxy and terrorist, Leonid Pasechnik, as head of the fake statelet, the so-called “Luhansk People’s Republic.”
Measure number four of the Minsk Agreement of 11 February 2015 requires “local elections in accordance with Ukrainian legislation and the Law of Ukraine ‘On interim local self-government order in certain areas of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions’ as well as on the future regime of these areas based on this law.” Note the key phrase, “in accordance with Ukrainian legislation.” Any elections in Donbas or in Crimea that are not conducted under the authority of the Central Election Commission of Ukraine are illegal in Ukraine, illegal under international law, and a violation of the Minsk Agreement.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine condemned what the Putin regime invaders plan to do. “Due to the reports in Russia’s mass media outlets about the intentions of the Russian occupation administration in the temporarily occupied territories in Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine to hold the so-called ‘early elections’ of militant leaders and their illegitimate representative bodies, the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine emphasizes that such actions of the Kremlin grossly violate the obligations of the Russian Federation as a party to the Minsk accords,” read a statement from the Ukrainian foreign affairs ministry. The Ukrainians ask their partners in the democratic West to increase political and diplomatic pressure on the Russian Federation, and to impose additional sanctions against it to make it to return to fulfilling its obligations.
The European Union condemned the announcement that there will be a bogus vote in Muscovy-occupied Ukraine. “Implementation of the Minsk agreements is key to a peaceful settlement of the conflict in eastern Ukraine, and the announcement of the elections in the so-called ‘Luhansk People’s Republic’ and ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’ on Nov. 11, 2018, is contrary to these agreements,” Maja Kocijančič, the Spokeperson for EU Foregn Affairs and Security Policy, said in a statement. Note that the EU has always been squeamish about calling the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine what it is. The EU uses the weasel-words “conflict in eastern Ukraine” instead.
There is some hope for limited sanctions by the EU against the Russian Federation for the illegal election it is planning to hold in Donbas. On 14 May 2018 the EU added five persons to the sanctions list who were involved in the organization of Russian presidential elections in illegally annexed Crimea and Sevastopol. In a breach of solidarity with their EU partner, Canada and the United States have refused to sanction officials from the Muscovy invader-occupation regime for the conduct of an illegal election on 18 March 2018 in Ukrainian Crimea.
The Russian Federation has broken every provision of the Minsk Agreement from the moment it was signed three and a half years ago. The guarantors of the Minsk Agreement, France and Germany, should either forcefully impose its provisions on the Russian Federation or it should scrap the deal. It is beyond a doubt that Putin will not stop his aggression until he is stopped. Putin’s invasion of Europe in Ukraine will only end when the Muscovy army is kicked out of Crimea and Donbas. Peace in Europe will only return when Ukraine and other Western democracies win the war that Putin started.
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