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Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 03.09.2018  
Russia is prepared to launch a new offensive in its war against Ukraine. If Putin wants to break the stalemate in the war he started four and a half years ago he now has the means to do it. The Muscovites are prepared to attack. The Ukrainians are prepared to defend. Other friends and partners of Ukraine are completely unprepared for the wider war that may start soon.
The invaders of Ukraine in Crimea have deployed the military to the three checkpoints between Kherson region and occupied Crimea region. Russian Federation army units are in addition to the so-called ‘border guards’ which normally staff these checkpoints on the invaders’s side in Crimea. The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine regulates passage through the checkpoints from the Kherson side. The Ukrainian border guards note that substantial delays have been added to vehicle journeys across the de facto frontier because of the added military presence on the invaders’s side.
Anti-Ukrainian hate propaganda from the Kremlin has kicked into overdrive since Putin’s agents assassinated Aleksandr Zakharchenko on August 31. All of the themes developed by the invaders of Ukraine from Muscovy are impossible for a rational person to believe, but they are lapped up by the zombified population of Putin’s fiefdom. One theme being developed to whip up anti-Ukrainian hysteria is that the Security Service of Ukraine carried out the bombing at the café in the middle of Russian-occupied Donetsk that killed Zakharchenko. Another theme is that the Ukrainian army is preparing a big offensive – the Muscovite propagandists even give a date for this imaginary offensive: September 14. Another theme is that American and Canadian troops have arrived in Donbas to plan and carry out the Ukrainian army’s offensive. This last theme is ridiculous and easily refuted, as small numbers of American and Canadian military trainers are in the west of Ukraine – they have neither the mandate nor the capability to be deployed to the east of Ukraine for offensive operations.
The common theme of all of this Kremlin propaganda is to get across the idea that the “Kyiv government” is attacking the “Russian” people of Donbas. This idea is false on every level. But developing it is a way to prepare the zombified population of the Russian Federation for a big offensive by the Russian army against Ukraine.
Russia is holding a massive military mobilization disguised as drills, called “Vostok-2018.” The name “East” implies the far eastern, Asian part of the Russian Federation. But a large train column of military hardware went west, right up to the border of Ukraine. T-62M tanks were unloaded at Kamensk-Shakhtinsky on the morning of September 2. From two train shipments an estimated 120 tanks were deployed. This new tank force is a mere 40 kilometres from Izvaryne, Luhansk region, Ukraine on the Russian Federation-Ukraine border (which is completely controlled by the Russian Federation only, in violation of the Minsk Agreement). Deploying these tanks is a blatant provocation by aggressor Russia against Ukraine. The Muscovites can use these tanks in a new offensive, along with the hundreds of tanks they already have positioned inside the part of eastern Ukraine they occupy. Or they can be used to augment the blitzkrieg army inside Donbas whose size already dwarfs the tank forces of any single European power.
Muscovy has deployed new Pantsir-S1 air defence systems (on photo) to the Kerch Strait. The invaders of Ukraine in Crimea are illegally restricting maritime passage through this international strait. The Muscovites have also imposed an effective naval blockade of the Ukrainian ports of Berdyansk and Mariupol on the Sea of Azov. They have also announced ‘exercises’ west of illegally occupied Ukrainian Crimea in the Black Sea – this is designed to cut off the Ukrainian port of Odesa from international waters.
Putin’s invaders of Europe in Ukraine have now imposed a naval blockade of Ukrainian ports, have deployed the military to the Crimea/Kherson frontier, and have deployed a large tank force to the Rostov, Russian Federation/Luhansk, Ukraine frontier. Muscovy is ready to launch a large military offensive against Ukraine.
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