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Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 05.09.2018 
Crimea is being poisoned by the deliberate negligence of Moscow. An environmental catastrophe in Ukraine’s southernmost region is unfolding like the Chernobyl nuclear disaster did in 1986. The criminal Muscovy occupation regime of Ukraine denies there is a problem while alarm bells are ringing outside the realm of the Kremlin’s malevolent control.
On September 3, Ukrainian authorities in free Ukraine, in Kherson region, detected unusually high levels of toxic industrial substances in the air. The source of the contamination was immediately suspected to be from the nearby city of Armyansk, which is in Ukraine’s region of Crimea that is now occupied by Putin’s invasion army.
Crimea is suffering a severe drought because of a failure of the duty of care of the de facto occupation regime from Moscow. Crimea is an integral part of Ukraine, and gets most of its water from the North Crimean Canal. 85 percent of all Crimea’s water came from the North Crimean Canal before Putin started his war against Ukraine. The source for the North Crimean Canal is the Dnipro River. When Putin invaded and occupied Crimea in early 2014 he refused to make any deal for the provision of water through the North Crimean Canal and he refused to supply water by alternative means. Naturally, there is now a severe drought across all of Crimea except the southernmost coast.
One effect of the drought is that all the water in a tailings pond at the “Crimean Titan” industrial plant in Armyansk, Crimea, Ukraine (Muscovy-occupied) has evaporated. “Crimean Titan” produces titanium dioxide, a substance used in the paint and rubber industry, as well as in the production of plastics. When the acid storage containment area lost all its water, acidic dust blew all across Armyansk and into Kherson region in free Ukraine beyond. This started to be observed by local residents on the night of August 23-24.
The “Crimean Titan” industrial concern is owned by Dmitry Firtash. Firtash is a pro-Moscow oligarch who is in Austria awaiting extradition to the United States, where he awaits criminal charges for bribery. Firtash is an associate of the US-convicted felon Paul Manafort. He was involved with Manafort in Moscow’s corruption of Ukraine through Putin’s agent of influence Yanukovych. Firstash was also involved with Manafort in Moscow’s corruption of the 2016 US election through Putin’s agent of influence Trump.
Through Firtash’s and Putin’s deliberated negligence, acidic dust is settling over northern Crimea and threatens free Ukrainians in southern Kherson. Trees have been stripped of their leaves and deposits of chemicals are visible on the ground. Massive levels of sulphur dioxide in the air have now forced the occupation authorities in Crimea to declare an emergency and to evacuate children from Armyansk and Perekop. Tragically, the evacuee children are being sent deeper into the drought zone of Russian-occupied Crimea, and are not being sent to safety to free Ukraine.
The Gauleiter Putin imposed on Crimea, the gangster Sergey “The Goblin” Aksyonov, has refused to declare a state of emergency. 
Just like Chernobyl, the criminal Muscovy occupation regime of Ukraine is allowing an ecological disaster to unfold through its negligence. Just like Chernobyl, the Kremlin denied there was any problem until the scale of the disaster made that impossible. The alarm was first raised about radiation from Chernobyl in Sweden, a democracy outside the control of the Moscow regime of state terrorism. The alarm was first raised about toxic chemicals from Armyansk in Ukraine, a democracy that is 93 percent outside the control of the Moscow regime of state terrorism.
Putin is killing Crimea with poison and drought. The only solution to this ecological catastrophe is the liberation of Ukraine from Muscovy occupation and the defeat of Putin’s invaders. Only then will water flow through the North Crimean Canal again. Only then will Crimea thrive as the integral part of Ukraine that is always was and always was meant to be.
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