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Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 21.08.2018 
The Ukrainian army has liberated Shumy. The Russian invader-occupiers of Ukraine were driven out of the village in an operation overnight on August 19-20. The north-west approaches to Russian-occupied Horlivka, Donetsk region Ukraine are now better secured. The civilian population near the battlefront in that sector is now better protected.
The 24th “King Danylo” Separate Motorized Brigade of the Ukrainian Army is in charge of the Horlivka sector of the battlefront where Russia is invading Ukraine. This unit, as well as a deep reconnaissance company from the battalion “Oleh Bondaryev,” executed an operation to take the village of Shumy under the complete control of the Joint Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Shumy had been in the “grey zone” directly on the battlefront.
Dmytro Tymchuk is a member of parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, and the co-ordinator of an open-source intelligence (OSINT) group, Information Resistance. On August 20 he posted about the operation to liberate Shumy. According to him, the goal of the operation was to complete a ‘security ring’ around the city of Toretsk, and to form a buffer zone around the Mayorsk checkpoint.
Ukrainian forces took the village of Shumy under their complete control. Shumy is 6 kilometres east-south-east from Toretsk in free Ukraine and 10 kilometres north-west from the downtown of Horlivka in Russian-occupied Ukraine. Ukrainian troops also liberated a dacha (summer cottage) area of Shumy village, a water-pipe and maintenance road that runs north-south through the area, and a dacha area adjacent to the Mine 6-7 settlement. In all, Dmytro Tymchuk says that 10 square kilometres of territory was liberated.
The operation was complete by 14:00 on August 20. The Russian occupation troops were ill-prepared to hold their positions, which were the farthest advanced to the north-west of Horlivka. This area had been the most threatening to Ukrainian defenders and civilians that was held by the Russians, as from it they could bombard Toretsk and the Mayorsk checkpoint. Taking control of Shumy dacha area, the water pipe, and the Mine 6-7 settlement dacha area is quite a serious advance for the Ukrainian forces. And it is very dangerous for the orcs – as the Ukrainians call the Russians and their terrorist proxies.
At the end of May, the 24th “King Danylo” liberated the village of Pivdenne, particularly its neighbourhood called Chyhyri. With Shumy and adjacent areas liberated now, the Ukrainian army is putting significant pressure on the Russian invader-occupiers in the north-west and west sectors of the Horlivka battlefront.
The village of Shumy is now fully connected to free Ukraine. The city of Toretsk has a complete security cordon around it. The Mayorsk checkpoint is now less vulnerable from the south, and civilians can now pass in greater safety through this ‘humanitarian corridor.’
The Armed Forces of Ukraine are asserting sovereign control over integral territory of Ukraine, as they are duty-bound to do. The occupation by the Russian Federation of part of Luhansk and Donetsk regions and of Crimea is wholly illegitimate. The liberation of Shumy, expanded a thousand-fold, is what has to happen for Ukraine to be whole, for Russia to be defeated, for Putin’s War to end, and for Europe to return to peace.
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