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Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 10.09.2018 
Ukraine is preparing to defend against Russian Federation aggression on the Sea of Azov. The Russian Federation is preparing to escalate its attacks against Europe’s defenders in Donbas. These are the developments over the past weekend in Putin’s War.
The first of a series of new patrol boats for Ukraine’s navy on the Sea of Azov was photographed being readied in Berdyansk on September 9. These patrol boats are sometimes described as artillery boats by the Ukrainian Military Portal. The National Security and Defence Council (NSDC) of Ukraine decided to create what it calls “a naval armoured group of the Ukrainian Armed Forces” on the Sea of Azov.
Ukraine suffered substantial naval losses in 2014 when the Russian Federation invaded Crimea. Most of Ukraine’s Black Sea fleet was stolen by the Muscovites. On the Sea of Azov, Putin’s invaders sank a Ukrainian patrol boat on 31 August 2014. The patrol boat was three nautical miles offshore of the coastal village of Bezimenne in Donetsk region. Since the 2014 phase of Putin’s War Bezmenne has been under the control of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.
The NSDC announced that Ukraine will build a full naval base on the Azov coast by the end of 2018. Borys Babin, Permanent Representative of the President of Ukraine for the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, said on 30 May 2018 that it is necessary to set up a base in Henichesk for Ukraine’s coast guard, navy, and security services. Henichesk is on the Sea of Azov in Kherson region, and is 30 kilometres as the crow flies from Russian-occupied Ukrainian Crimea.
On the afternoon of September 7, local residents in Russian-occupied Donetsk region spotted a military convoy on the move. Volunteer activist Yuriy Mysyagin reported on social media that 12 KamAZ trucks, two vans, and a mobile electronic warfare complex were in the convoy. The convoy crossed into Ukraine from the Russian Federation early in the morning of September 7. The trucks carried soldiers wearing military uniforms. The vans contained Russian army officers.
The OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine has twice spotted Russian army convoys entering Ukraine, using surveillance drones. These were supply convoys from the Russian base at Russkoye. They travelled across the international border that is controlled exclusively by the Russian Federation, in contravention of the Minsk Agreement. The army resupply convoys then went along a dirt track inside Ukraine east of the village of Manych, and then disperesed to Russian bases inside occupied Donbas.
Meanwhile, the invaders of Europe in Ukraine from Muscovy continue to bombard and shoot at defenders and civilians all along the battlefront in Luhansk and Donetsk regions.
Putin’s War against Ukraine has been raging for 4 years, 6 months, 21 days.
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