Thursday, 24 November 2016 04:03


Minority Opinion tabled by GUE/NGL MEP Javier Couso against rapport of Anna Elżbieta Fotyga, Committee on Foreign Affairs 


The report identifies two threats regarding propaganda: a State actor, namely Russia, and terrorist groups such as Daesh. It wishes to tackle radicalisation and terrorist propaganda though enhanced Member States and EU cooperation. But focuses on granting the EU the means to support its own strategic propaganda campaigns, mainly against Russia.


We reject the report since:


•  It is irresponsible to place a State like Russia at the same level of threat as Da’esh’

•  promotes the EU race for Free Trade Agreements in East Neighbourhood and beyond promoting thus an escalation of tensions with Russia and its Eurasian Economic Union

•  does not reflect EU's negative and escalating role regarding the current conflicts in the southern and eastern EU- neighbourhood nor the propaganda developed, mainly by the US, to legitimate its past interventions like in Iraq leading to a regional chaos

•  does not recognises its own propaganda on EU democracy as the only one possible, which highlights a presumed superiority that may be offensive

•  it pledges paradoxically for “independent medias” to be supported by the EU


We demand:


-  to recognise Russia for what it is : a key partner for the EU and key global actor, both vis-à-vis foreign security and common fight against Daesh

-  the lift of EU sanctions against Russia harming citizens on both sides

-  a renewed peaceful cooperation agreement with Russia to end tensions.

-  a strict separation EU from NATO

-  to support international efforts to eradicate Daesh, in which Russia played a key role, within  UN framework

-  to work on cutting Daesh’s access to financing and funding including thought petrol or arm trade and for the Member States to revise accordingly their relationship with some third countries as Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia for its permissiveness with some extremist organisations.

-  to tackle terrorist propaganda and radicalisation through social investments and public services and also avoiding all discrimination on member states.

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