Boris Johnson, the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, 22.02.2018    On the night of 22 February 2014, the most powerful men in Russia gathered in the Kremlin and resolved to seize Crimea from Ukraine.  They would later make elaborate efforts to give their decision a veneer of legitimacy – including by staging a bogus referendum – but that meeting between President Vladimir Putin and his security chiefs was designed to seal the fate of Crimea’s people.  We know this because Mr Putin said as much. In a documentary for Russian television, broadcast in 2015, the President described the sequence of events.  He decided to grab Crimea during that conclave in the Kremlin 3 weeks before the sham referendum. All those
2018 February 23 Friday, 11:09
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 23.02.2018    Russia is a crime syndicate in the guise of a state. On February 22, an international cocaine trafficking operation of the Putin-Kremlin mafia was busted in Argentina. 389 kilograms of cocaine, with a street value of $60 million, was seized from a school on the grounds of the Russian embassy in Buenos Aires. This is a stunning revelation of the way in which Russia uses criminal enterprises to enrich Putin and the narrow circle of oligarchs around him, as well as finance Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine.   Argentinian authorities arrested  a former Russian embassy staffer and an Argentinian police officer on February 22. The Minister of Security of Argentina, Patricia Bullrich,
2018 February 23 Friday, 09:35
Serge Marco, Petr i Mazepa, 21.02.2018    Am 16. Februar fand ein ziemlich nicht triviales Ereignis in der Welt statt, das einmal mehr beweist, egal wie viel man Geld der EU dem deutschen Kanzler füttert, wird er seine Karriere in russischen Energieunternehmen fortsetzen. Daher kann bereits argumentiert werden, dass ein neuer Vorstandsvorsitzender von Rosneft eine Frau sein wird. Und jetzt werden wir das Ereignis selbst analysieren.    Am 16. Februar sagte Merkel, die deutsche Regierung glaube nicht, dass der Bau der Nord Stream 2 von Russland nach Deutschland die Diversifizierung der europäischen Gasversorgung bedroht. Berlin betrachtet Nord Stream 2 ausschließlich als ein Geschäftsprojekt, durch das russisches
2018 February 22 Thursday, 20:51
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 22.02.2018    Russian armed forces invading Ukraine attacked across the battlefront in Luhansk and Donetsk regions yesterday. Putin’s army has been doing this every day and night since April 2014. On February 21, Russian armed forces in the Luhansk sector of the battlefront attacked a Ukrainian armed forces medical evacuation armoured vehicle with an anti-tank guided missile. A medic, Sabina Halytska, was killed. Russia committed a gross violation of the Geneva Conventions, which afford protection for medical personnel, facilities, and evacuation platforms such a medevac vehicle marked with the distinctive emblem of the Red Cross on a white background.   Sabina Halytska was a nurse serving with the 10th
2018 February 22 Thursday, 08:48
Oleksandr Palii, A History of Ukraine, 21.02.2018   EPISODE 40 HERE    Ivan Mazepa (a hetman of Ukraine in 1687–1709), was born in 1639 in Mazepyntsi (Kyiv region). He studied in the Kyiv Mohyla College, studied artillery and engineering, and spoke seven languages. He was a general chancellor (1669-1673, a head of the diplomatic department) in the government of hetman Petro Doroshenko and a general osaul (1682-1686, a head of the military headquarters) under hetman Ivan Samoilovych. More big churches were built and restored in Ukraine under Mazepa in 20 years of his ruling than in all the centuries under the rule of Muscovy. These majestic buildings have common features which art critics call the Mazepa baroque.   
2018 February 21 Wednesday, 12:31
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 21.02.2018    Russia is an aggressor state. Since Russia invaded Ukraine on 20 February 2014, four years ago, this is the least that can be said. But it has not been said, officially, until now. On 20 February 2018, Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko signed a law which recognizes the Russian Federation as an aggressor state.   The law is called “On the peculiarities of the state policy to ensure the state sovereignty of Ukraine in the temporarily occupied territories in Donetsk and Luhansk regions.” It is needed to transition Ukraine from the posture of the “Anti-Terrorist Operation” which was the term used in the very early days of the war in 2014, but which quickly became wildly
2018 February 21 Wednesday, 10:23
Мішель Айкмаєр, Sungunews, 17.02.2018, переклад з німецької  Більш як 30 керівників держав та біля 100 міністрів дебатували на 54-й Мюнхенській безпековій конференції (MSC2018) про поточну ситуацію у світовій безпеці. І вона виглядає не надто доброю, це добре відомо Вольфґанґові Ішінґерові, постійному директорові MSC.  Глобальні політичні загрози постійно перебувають у фокусі уваги щорічної MSC. Через чисельні кризи, шеф MSC наголосив, що такі ціннощі Заходу як демократія та свобода зараз перебувають у занепаді та під загрозою.  «Міжнародний порядок, який ми створили після війни, перебуває під загрозою», — зауважив Ішінґер, вказуючи на нестабільність на Заході. Попри прогрес, все сигналізує про тривогу. «Я думаю, що світ
2018 February 20 Tuesday, 15:53
Олег Пономар, Facebook, 20.02.2018   Ми підійшли до моменту істини у наших подальших реформах. Наші західні союзники та донори вже не дають коштів під майбутні реформи. Вони вимагають реформ сьогодні, а кошти даватимуть завтра. Це не скасовує того, що я щиро визнаю — за чотири роки (2014-2018) справжньої незалежності Україна провела більше реформ ніж за попередні 23 роки напів-окупації (1991-2014). Але ми вперлись у стіну. І цьому є чотири причини. - вичерпалась ейфорія значної кількості людей після Евромайдану та Революції Гідності, - політики почали готуватись до наступних виборів і скочуються у щораз сильніший популізм, - подальші реформи впритул підійшли до особистих інтересів багатьох депутатів (саме по їхніх кишенях почали бити
2018 February 20 Tuesday, 12:34
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 20.02.2018    The Holodomor of 1932-33 was a genocide of the Ukrainian people. It was planned and executed by the Soviet regime of state terror, which was the Russian occupation regime in Ukraine from 1920 to 1991. The Muscovy invader-occupiers of Ukraine carried out the Holodomor by engineering a famine that killed no fewer than three million and as many as 11 million people. “Holodomor” means “murder by hunger or starvation.”   Many countries have passed laws to officially declare the Holodomor to be a genocide of the Ukrainian people. These countries invariably have laws to officially declare the Holocaust to be a genocide of the Jewish people. Canada, for example has the “Ukrainian
2018 February 20 Tuesday, 09:24
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 19.02.2018    Russia is at war with Ukraine. Since the start of 2018, 21 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed in action, and 90 have been wounded in action. These casualties occurred on the battlefront in Luhansk and Donetsk regions where Russia is invading Ukraine. The President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, was obliged to give this grim news at a luncheon given by Ukraine at the Munich Security Conference, called “Ukraine on the Frontlines of a New Kind of Warfare: Lessons for the West and Prospects for Peace,” on February 17.   Ukrainian soldiers, sailors, and airmen have been defending the homeland – and defending Europe – since Russia’s unprovoked invasion began on 20 February 2014.
2018 February 19 Monday, 10:48
Олег Пономар, Facebook, 19.02.2018    Я часто вживаю термін "Колесо Історії". Про що йде мова у нашому конкретному випадку?    Мова про те, що існують об'єктивні, універсальні закони розвитку людства, прогресу, діалектики. Один з яких — всі імперії чи недоімперії рано чи пізно розвалюються.    В нашому випадку це означає, що прийшов історичний час Грузії, Молдові й Україні (а згодом і Білорусі та Вірменії) вийти зі сфери впливу Московії.    Це геополітичний вектор і цей тренд надовго. Так розвивається Світ. Не може недоімперія, яка не є іноваційною, яка нічого не може запропонувати Світові крім своїх залишків нафти та газу, яка виводить всі свої кошти на Захід, бути магнітом для сусідів. Більше не
2018 February 19 Monday, 10:26
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 18.02.2018      Russia has been invading Europe in Crimea and Donbas for four years. Once put aside as being provocative to Russia, the path to NATO membership for Ukraine is back under discussion. Putin attacked Ukraine – unprovoked – in 2014, undertook a so-called ‘annexation’ of Crimea, and commenced trench warfare in Donbas that has been raging ever since. There is little fear of provoking Russia to a war that Putin has already started.   In 2008 at Bucharest, Ukraine was rejected for the Membership Action Plan for NATO, but promised eventual membership. The caution of a decade ago has been replaced by urgency to find some way to get Ukraine into NATO. For its part, Ukraine is active
2018 February 18 Sunday, 14:57
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 17.02.2018      Russia is invading Europe in Ukraine. Starting in 2014, Putin destroyed the post-Second World II settlement that avoided international war and kept Europe largely at peace. You wouldn’t know any of this by reading the reportage coming from news agency Reuters about Putin’s War, or by listening to the statements of Germany’s Foreign Minister, Sigmar Gabriel. Lazy journalism from Reuters and Russian disinformation from Gabriel means that the reality of war in Europe is ignored, and the lies of Kremlin propaganda are amplified.   Reuters published a news item on February 17 that at first had the headline “Ukraine progress should soften sanctions on Russia: Germany’s
2018 February 17 Saturday, 22:52
Oleksandr Palii, A History of Ukraine, 16.02.2018    EPISODE 39 HERE   Outrage at the partition of Ukraine triggered an anti-Muscovite rebellion in Left-Bank Ukraine (i.e. to the East off the Dnipro river) in 1667. It started in Pereyaslav, the same site of the Pereyaslav Treaty of 1654.    The local Cossacks and city residents destroyed a local Muscovite garrison and killed the voivode. Sensing the general outrage, hetman Ivan Briukhovetsky (1663-1668) decided to go against Muscovy himself rather than wait to be removed from power.    In January 1668 a council of Cossack officers in Hadiach supported the abolition of Muscovite power in the Hetman State and Ukraine’s acceptance of a Turkish
2018 February 16 Friday, 13:48
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 16.02.2018    Russia is ramping up for more war. On February 15, the Russian armed forces in western Russia, in Russian-occupied Ukrainian Crimea, and in Russian-occupied Ukrainian Donbas conducted simulated attacks and drills with military aviation, missile forces, artillery, and armed formations that were preparation for a full-scale attack against Ukraine. Russia is already attacking day and night along Putin’s invasion of Europe battlefront in Donbas, and is escalating these attacks. In recent days, in addition to the daily shelling and shooting at Ukrainian defenders and civilians, Russia has begun to assault Ukrainian positions with sabotage & reconnaissance teams.   Ukrainian Air Force Command
2018 February 16 Friday, 11:37
János Széky, Radio Lemberg, 16.02.2018    Being a Hungarian in opposition to the notoriously pro-Kremlin Budapest government, and a supporter of the Ukrainian cause, I can understand Michael MacKay's exasperation over MFA Szijjártó's (that's PM Orbán's) hostile gestures (see "Hungarian Government Keeps Bullying Ukraine"), but  I think he is unintentionally wrong on three points.   First. The Hungarian concept of Greater Hungary is not "exactly the same" as the Muscovite concept of Greater Russia. The histories of the two nations are very different. Unlike Muscovy, whose mode of existence was continuous territorial conquest from the 14th century until 1945, Hungary basically remained within the
2018 February 16 Friday, 09:50
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 15.02.2018    Peter Szijjártó, foreign minister of Hungary, cannot stop himself from telling Ukrainians what to do. He’s been hammering away at Ukraine for almost half a year now, giving orders about internal Ukrainian policy concerning language, education, and about Ukrainian citizens who Szijjártó considers to be Hungarian. Szijjártó is practically in hysterics that Ukraine now has a policy to teach in the state language, Ukrainian, to Ukrainian students in Ukrainian schools. The Hungarian foreign minister has carried out his threat to block every meeting between Ukraine and the European Union and between Ukraine and NATO.   Hungary stopped a NATO defence ministers
2018 February 15 Thursday, 09:29
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 14.02.2018    Since the Battle of Debaltseve three years ago, Russia’s invasion army has made no gains in Ukraine. The Ukrainian defenders of the homeland and of Europe have not given up any ground, and have liberated some Ukrainian territory in Donbas region from the foreign invaders from Muscovy. Putin is frustrated by three years of static and fruitless trench warfare. Putin doesn’t have the political wisdom to withdraw from Donbas and Crimea so that sanctions on Russian individuals and entities can be lifted. Instead, he orders new attacks again and again. Sanctions remain and Russia gains no military victories in its war against Ukraine.   February 11 marked the third anniversary of the signing of
2018 February 14 Wednesday, 08:13
Oleksandr Palii, A History of Ukraine, 13.02.2018    EPISODE 38 HERE  In the fall of 1653, during a campaign against Ukraine, a 50,000-strong Polish army led by King John II Casimir was encircled near the village of Zhvanets in Podillia. The Polish army began to suffer from hunger and epidemics. However, the position of the Crimean Khan once again saved Poland from a complete rout and the Polish king from captivity. This forced the hetman to sharply change his international political orientation.    Muscovy, which had repeatedly suffered defeats from Poland (in 1569–1581, 1604–1618 and 1632– 1634), was afraid to intervene in the conflict. Moscow wanted Ukraine and Poland to exhaust each other.  
2018 February 13 Tuesday, 17:27
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 13.02.2018     A sad milestone was passed on February 12. Three years ago, the second Minsk Agreement was signed. It wasn’t a peace treaty, it wasn’t an armistice, it was supposed to be a ceasefire, and it never proved to be binding on Russia. Russia has been invading, occupying, and attacking Ukraine every day for 3 years, 11 months, 23 days. The Minsk Agreement hasn’t made the slightest difference to Putin’s War and Russia’s unrelenting aggression against the West.   The Minsk Agreement of 12 February 2015 was doomed from the start. Russia insisted that it was not a party to the agreement, but only a guarantor. Russia is the invader of Ukraine in Crimea and Donbas, but the lie was
2018 February 13 Tuesday, 10:37
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 12.02.2018     Canada doesn’t have visa-free reciprocity with Ukraine. The Government of Canada stops Canadians from welcoming Ukrainians to Canada visa-free – even though Ukrainians have the privilege of welcoming Canadians to Ukraine visa-free. A committee of the Parliament of Canada recommended in December 2017 that visa-free reciprocity be implemented, but the Government of Canada ignores it, is completely silent on the subject, and makes no bureaucratic moves to start negotiations to make visa-free travel for Ukrainians to Canada happen.   Free trade in goods and services and the free movement of people go together naturally. Centuries of the theory and practice of liberal economics have taught us
2018 February 12 Monday, 10:50
Oleksandr Palii, A History of Ukraine, 11.02.2018   EPISODE 37 HERE    A true Ukrainian national hero, Bohdan Khmelnytsky (1595–1657), came from a noble Ukrainian family. During a battle in Muscovy, he did a favor for the Polish Prince Władysław, who gave him a saber as an award and became sympathetic to him since that time.    Khmelnytsky stood out due to the combination of a lucid mind, sagaciousness, modesty in everyday life (a rare thing for nobility), determination and caution. A 1649 panegyric noted that Khmelnytsky became a knight under which “Volodymyr’s Rus’ rose to its feet”. In contrast, the Poles called Khmelnytsky “the Scourge of God”. A millennium earlier, this was the
2018 February 11 Sunday, 13:52
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 11.02.2018      Decommunization is effectively complete in Ukraine. This was announced by the Director of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory, Volodymyr Vyatrovych, in an interview with Radio Liberty. Vyatrovych said: “Decommunization in the context of the deprivation of the symbols of totalitarian regime has actually been completed, we have renamed settlements - about a thousand, almost all of them.” He also said that all the Lenin monuments and memorials to other leaders of the Soviet regime of state terror have been removed – at least all the ones that are known in public records.   Ukraine passed a law on 9 April 2015 called “On the Condemnation of the Communist and National
2018 February 11 Sunday, 09:29
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 10.02.2018     The Olympics have two noble ideals: fair competition in sport and peace. That means that for the duration of the Olympiad athletes obey the rules of competition and the countries they come from refrain from going to war. These were the ideals of the Olympics in Ancient Greece, and they are the ideals of the modern Olympics since they were revived in 1896.    For the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games, Russian athletes violate the rules of fair competition by having engaging in a state-sponsored doping scheme to cheat. The Russian Federation violates the Olympic Peace by invading Europe in Ukraine – something Russia has been doing since immediately after the Sochi 2014 Olympic
2018 February 10 Saturday, 10:09
Oleksandr Palii, A History of Ukraine, 09.02.2018   EPISODE 36 HERE  It did not take the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth much time to turn from a state tolerant to different peoples into a state which was alien to Ukrainians and in which they did not enjoy equal rights, even formally.    Under pressure from the government the Ukrainian magnate elite began to switch to Catholicism, with just a handful of landlords and the gentry remaining on the side of their people.    The Polish king called on the Cossacks to leave their settlements beyond the rapids in order not to irritate Turkey. He did not recognize the Cossacks in towns and villages (except for the commanders of several thousand “registered”
2018 February 09 Friday, 14:07
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 09.02.2018    Russia attacked Ukraine across the border. In the first incident of blatantly international warfare since the “Christmas ceasefire,” Russian gunmen launched an attack with light infantry weapons across the Ukraine-Russia border from Ushakovka, Rostov region, Russia. The attack occurred at 12:30 p.m. on February 8. The Russians fired upon Ukrainian servicemen who provide protection to the state border of Ukraine. The attack occurred on Day 1,449 of Russia’s invasion of Europe in Crimea and Donbas.   On the Ukrainian side of the border from Ushakovka, Russia is Luhansk region. A scant 100 metres to the west of the Ukraine-Russia border at Ushakovka is the Derkul River. Ushakovka is 40
2018 February 09 Friday, 10:40
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 08.02.2018    Putin’s War is raging in the heart of Europe. That should be the top news everywhere, but to go by the mainstream press it is not newsworthy. The mainstream press is completely failing in its duty to report on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. After some interest in 2014 (when Putin’s War in Crimea and Donbas was reported in false, Kremlin propaganda terms) Western media gave up on reporting the invasion at all.   The war is about to enter its fifth year. Russia is invading the largest country that lies wholly within Europe: Ukraine. Russia has been attacking militarily every day since 20 February 2014, and will continue to attack because nobody except Ukrainians makes any attempt to stop
2018 February 08 Thursday, 08:56
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 07.02.2018    Putin’s rule lacks democratic legitimacy. He will not get it in the upcoming elections because Ukrainians in Crimea will be made to vote as if they were Russians. The illegitimacy of voting taking place in Crimea will poison the ‘victory’ of Putin.   Putin’s senseless invasion and occupation of Ukraine is poison to the last semblance of democracy in Russia. On 18 September 2016, Russia conducted an election for the State Duma which was neither free nor fair. A fatal blow to the legitimacy of the vote was that it was conducted on the territory of Ukraine, in temporarily occupied Crimea. The six deputies who were supposedly elected from Crimea were sanctioned by Canada, the United
2018 February 07 Wednesday, 10:31
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 06.02.2018     Russia is invading Europe in Ukraine and in Georgia. As the de facto occupying power in parts of Ukraine and parts of Georgia, Russia has obligations under international humanitarian law which it must meet. One of these is that Russia cannot compel Ukrainian citizens or Georgian citizens to serve in the Russian army, or pressure them to volunteer. But the foreign invaders from Muscovy are doing precisely that, and they’re even stealing Ukrainian and Georgian citizenship from the captive population to get more cannon-fodder into Putin’s army.   Russian now has a law incorporating armed formations of the Russia-occupied Tskhinvali Region of Georgia into the armed forces of the Russian
2018 February 06 Tuesday, 11:31
Oleksandr Palii, A History of Ukraine, 05.02.2018   EPISODE 35 HERE  The Cossacks turned the Black Sea into a true battlefield, although it was fully surrounded by Turkish territories. They seized Trabzon, Varna, Sinop, Kefe (now Feodosia), Kezlev (now Yevpatoria) and the suburbs of Istanbul, liberating many prisoners and capturing booty.    In 1573, a squadron led by hetman Samiilo Kishka was defeated and he himself was taken prisoner. Chained to a Turkish galley, Kishka rowed for 26 years until he organized a rebellion of rowers. In 1599 they killed the Turkish crew and returned to Ukraine where they were hailed as heroes and Kishka was re-elected as hetman.    In the late 16th century, the boyars of Moldova and
2018 February 05 Monday, 14:13
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 05.02.2018     More German companies are breaking sanctions imposed against Russian individuals and entities because Russia invaded Ukraine. They’re doing it indirectly, through Russian affiliate companies. Under the pretence of doing business in Russia with Russian companies, the German firms are actually selling goods and services in Ukraine’s Crimea, which since March 2014 has been illegally occupied by Russia.   Siemens CEO Joe Kaeser met with Putin in March 2014, days after Russia invaded Europe in Ukraine, to pledge long-term support by Siemens to Russia. Siemens carried out a plot to break sanctions and ship four turbines to Crimea in occupied Ukraine by way of Krasnodar Krai in Russia proper.
2018 February 05 Monday, 10:34
Енді Грін, Radio Lemberg, 04.02.2018    Гібридна московитська агресія проти України втілюється за багатьма напрямками, а одним із головних є домінування у українському інформаційному просторі. Протягом останніх років кремлівські спецслужби, використовуючи різноманітні методи, поступово захопили майже повний контроль над нашою медіасферою.    Вкрай агресивна, прихована і неприхована, кремлівська пропаганда має на меті повний підрив української державності і є зосередженою на декількох пріоритетних напрямках:    - спотворення іміджу вищого керівництва держави, насадження думки, що саме воно є винним у подіях на сході України та на півострові Крим;  - абсолютне замовчування ролі президента Московії в організації
2018 February 04 Sunday, 19:50
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 04.02.2018      Another Ukrainian village has been freed of foreign invader-occupiers from Muscovy. Katerynivka in Luhansk region was liberated by the Ukrainian armed forces. Yuriy Mysyagin, a volunteer supporter of Ukraine’s resistance to Russian aggression, said: “The village of Katerynivka in Luhansk region is ours! The Armed Forces of Ukraine did everything in a calm and quiet way some time ago.”   News of the liberation of Katerynivka was revealed on February 2, only two days after news of the liberation of Novooleksandrivka. The two villages are 7 kilometres away from each other, in a straight line – 11 kilometres by road through the safety of the city of Popasna in free Ukraine.
2018 February 04 Sunday, 15:40
Олександр Пасхавер, телеканал "Прямий", 03.02.2018    Як Порошенкові вдалося за три з половиною роки зробити більше, ніж усім президентам за попередні роки, як підвищення народжуваності та мілітаризація суспільства врятують Україну від агресії Московії, коли і чим закінчаться реформи, чому було знищено Збройні сили України та як Московія (СРСР) зламала український народ у 1930-ті роки — інтерв'ю Миколи Вересня з радником президента України, Олександром Пасхавером.   Микола Вересень: [минулої] суботи ми були на одному заході, і всі почали сперечатися з приводу того, як це, "зрада" чи "перемога"? Все українське суспільство поділилося, одні люблять Порошенка — і це "порохоботи", а інші його не люблять, і там якось їх
2018 February 04 Sunday, 11:38
Oleksandr Palii, A History of Ukraine, 03.02.2018   EPISODE 34 HERE    In 1554, Dmytro Vyshnevetsky (1516–1563), a Volhynian prince of Ukrainian-Lithuanian origin, built at his own cost a fortress called Sich on Mala Khortytsia island right in the centre of Dnipro river, downstream of the rapids. Because of its location, i.e. downstream of the rapids and further, all these lands of Ukraine were called Zaporizhia (Trans-Rapids), and its military inhabitans later were called Zaporizhian Cossacks.   The Sich became the headquarters of the Cossack Host. The islands Khortytsia and Mala Khortytsia with their high rocky shores were best suited for the deployment of the Cossack fleet and the organization of voyages to the
2018 February 03 Saturday, 17:55
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 03.02.2018    Russia’s war against the West is accelerating. Russia is deploying more warplanes to territory it illegally occupies in Ukraine – Crimea – and territory it illegally occupies in Japan – the Northern Territories. Russia is using these aircraft to demean the sovereignty of Ukraine and Japan, and to threaten aviation and shipping in the Black Sea and in the North Pacific Ocean.   Russia invaded Ukraine on 20 February 2014. In the first months of the war, Russia seized Ukraine’s southern peninsula of Crimea. The Russians pirated Ukrainian naval vessels and stole military bases. One of the bases the Russians stole was Belbek, Crimea, Ukraine. Today, the 38th Fighter Aviation
2018 February 03 Saturday, 12:14
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 02.02.2018      Ukraine is holding the line against Russia’s invasion of Europe in Crimea and Donbas. Stalled by the stubborn resistance of Ukrainians, Putin has expanded his war elsewhere. What started as a regional war with Russia’s invasion and occupation of Crimea has already expanded to a global hybrid war, with Russia bombing Syrian civilians and with Russia falsifying the US election of 2016. In recent weeks, there have been developments that remove constraints on Putin to expand his war against Ukraine. The war aim of Muscovy has always been to destroy the democratic spirit, the independence, the territorial integrity, and the sovereignty of Ukraine. Here are five signs that Russia’s invasion
2018 February 02 Friday, 11:18
Бен Кардін, Сенат США, 10.01.2018, переклад українською Петро Козак  На початку січня Бен Кардін, відомий сенатор-демократ зі штату Мериленд, оприлюднив свою доповідь з аналізом головних методів гібридної війни, які застосовує Кремль для дестабілізації ситуації у різних країнах, під назвою: «Асиметричний наступ Путіна на демократію в Московії та світі: наслідки для національної безпеки США». Ми продовжуємо публікацію окремих розділів цього документу, і другим ми переклали розділ його доповіді, який стосується Грузії. Розділ про Україну можна прочитати тут Вторгнення у Грузію у 2008 році є яскравим прикладом того, як Московія використовує силу, загарбуючи територію всередині іншої країни. Після багатьох років зростання
2018 February 01 Thursday, 13:50
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 01.02.2018     The Ukrainian armed forces liberated the village of Novooleksandrivka. The village is in Luhansk region in eastern Ukraine. It lies in the ‘grey zone’ between Russia-invaded and Russia-occupied territory and free Ukraine territory. There are only 20 inhabitants now — without electricity supply since the summer of 2014. The city of Popasna in free Ukraine is only a kilometre to the north-west of Novooleksandrivka. The city of Pervomaisk in Russia-occupied Ukraine is six kilometres to the east.   On 22 September 2014, the Russian invasion army began a breakout from their salient in Pervomaisk. By 27 September 2014, the battlefront fell right across the village of
2018 February 01 Thursday, 11:13
Kurt Volker, U.S. Department of State, 29.01.2018    The U.S. Special representative for Ukraine negotiations, ambassador Kurt Volker, after his trip to Ukraine and Dubai, hold a telephonic press briefing via the U.S.-European Media Hub in Brussels while being in New York.    Moderator: Greetings to everyone from the U.S.-European Media Hub in Brussels. I would like to welcome our participants dialing in from across Europe and thank all of you for joining today’s discussion.    Ambassador Volker: Good afternoon, everyone. Thank you very much. Good morning from here in New York. As just mentioned, thank you for the introduction, I was in Dubai and prior to that in Ukraine. Prior to that I was also in
2018 January 31 Wednesday, 23:32
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 31.01.2018     The Canada-Ukraine Free Trade Agreement (CUFTA) is aimed at eliminating trade barriers, such as tariffs, and creating opportunities for doing business and boosting investment in both countries. After many years of negotiations, CUFTA was fully implemented on 1 August 2017. From then on, it was time for promises to be kept. Less than five months later one big project has been implemented in Ukraine and an even bigger one has been announced. Doing business in Ukraine, Canadian businesses have opened a solar power plant and have plans to open an iron ore mine and processing facility. Free trade is starting to reap rewards for Canadian and Ukrainians.   The first investment from the Canadian side
2018 January 31 Wednesday, 10:45
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 30.01.2018    Russia invaded Ukraine on 20 February 2014. Timid sanctions by the US and other countries have had no effect, and Putin’s War has expanded into a global war in the almost four years since the Spetsnaz attacked Crimea. Russia falsified the 2016 US election to make vote loser and compromised Russian intelligence services asset Donald Trump the president. The US Congress passed a Russia sanctions bill, with overwhelming support, on 27 July 2017. With a whining caveat, Trump signed it on 2 August 2017. Delaying until the last possible moment, Trump announced on 29 January 2018 that he would not enforce the law and would not sanction Russian individuals and entities for what they did interfering with,
2018 January 30 Tuesday, 08:24
Oleksandr Palii, A History of Ukraine, 29.01.2018    EPISODE 33 HERE  During the Muscovite-Lithuanian Wars of the 15th and 16th centuries, the Crimean khans often acted in alliance with Muscovy. These invaders took Ukrainians as prisoners and sold them on the slave markets in Kefe (now Feodosia in the Crimea) and Istanbul (now in Turkey).    Muscovite princes regularly instigated the Crimean khans to make military expeditions into Ukraine. As a result of one such campaign the Crimean invaders burned Kyiv and sent ritual implements from looted churches as a gift to the prince of Muscovy. During another raid they even killed the metropolitan of Kyiv.    Ukrainian hunters, fishermen, farmers and merchants who
2018 January 29 Monday, 17:51
Юваль Ной Гарарі, виступ на WEF у Давосі, 24.01.2018, переклад українською Петро Козак    Всесвітньовідомий автор бестселерів «HomoSapiens: коротка історія людства» та «HomoDeus: коротка історія майбутнього», ізраїльський професор-історик Юваль Ной Гарарі, на Всесвітньому економічному форумі у Давосі, виступив з напевно найцікавішою промовою серед усіх ораторів. Ми переклали його виступ українською мовою, і дуже радимо прочитати цю статтю самим та потім ще раз — разом з вашими дітьми. Крім того, перша його книга вже є у продажу українською мовою, а незабаром англійською з’явиться вже третій його бестселер — «Двадцять один урок для двадцять першого століття».    МИ — ОСТАННІ
2018 January 29 Monday, 14:48
 Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 29.01.2018    On January 28, sanctions imposed on Russia for invading Ukraine were busted wide open. The Gaselys, a liquid natural gas carrier under long-term lease by French energy concern Engie, docked in the Port of Boston. It is carrying liquid natural gas from Yamal LNG in Russia. Yamal LNG is owned by Novatek, which is on the US Treasury Department list of sanctioned companies. Novatek was sanctioned by the US on 12 September 2014, at a time in Putin’s War when Russia’s invasion army was advancing in Donbas and Russia had cut natural gas supplies to Germany and to Poland.   The shipment of liquid natural gas originated from a Yamal LNG project that is majority owned by a Russian company called
2018 January 29 Monday, 10:07
Jim Mattis, Department of Defense, 19.01.2018     Десять днів тому міністр оборони США представив синопсис національної оборонної стратегії, вперше після приходу до влади адміністрації Дональда Трампа. Ми зробили переклад українською двох найцікавіших розділів цього документу, про стратегічне середовище та цілі міністерства оборони США, та взяли під олівець найцікавіші тези. А весь документ англійською можа прочитати тут СТРАТЕГІЧНЕ СЕРЕДОВИЩЕ    Національна оборонна стратегія США визнає все більш складне середовище глобальної безпеки, яке характеризується явними викликами вільному та відкритому світопорядку, а також виникненням довготривалої стратегічної боротьби між країнами. Ці зміни вимагають прозорої оцінки тих
2018 January 28 Sunday, 19:04
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 28.01.2018    Russia has sent the 73rd truck convoy of supplies to its occupation army in Donbas. Like all the convoys, the trucks were not inspected at the Ukraine-Russia border. Like all the convoys, the Russians faked the trucks as carrying ‘humanitarian’ supplies. Russia lies – all the time.   Russia sent the first truck convoy of matériel to its army invading Ukraine on 22 August 2014. At the time, it seemed that this was a “red line” and a clear act of war. Although the Ukrainian government raised the alarm, no other Western government gave this outrage of Russian aggression the attention it deserved. Having gotten away with the first resupply convoy, Putin has now gotten
2018 January 28 Sunday, 12:30
Artem Shevalev, Facebook, 24.01.2018    Well, flying to Zurich, let's use this time wisely - here's my #Davos2018 'manifesto' for Ukraine.    Of course, Davos is about global issues and this year more than ever about the future. Still, I believe that today Ukraine is the epitome of issues and challenges that emerging economies and early transition nations around the world are and will be facing as the technological and, hence, wealth gap with the developed world expands further.    So, in Ukraine we've been trying, with varied degree of success, to reform Ukraine since 2014. I would argue that none of us, who were and still are part of these efforts realised the complexity of the task at hand. What had to be done was
2018 January 27 Saturday, 10:37
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 27.01.2018      Ukraine has had a good showing at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. President Petro Poroshenko led a high-level delegation which did what they were supposed to do at this gathering of the rich and powerful: present Ukraine to the world in the best possible light. The take-away from Davos for the participants was that Ukraine is decidedly set on its European path, is “open for business,” and represents an opportunity for growth.   A shift in sentiment is underway. When “looking to the east” in Europe, businesspeople are slowly overcoming their instinct to look to Russia. Russia is under sanctions because it has invaded Ukraine in Crimea and Donbas, and
2018 January 27 Saturday, 09:34
Oleksandr Palii, A History of Ukraine, 26.01.2018    EPISODE 32 HERE    After the Mongol invasion, hordes led by Mongols and composed also of the remaining Cumans and natives of Central Asia roamed southern Ukraine. The unpopulated Wild Fields laid between these lands and the areas settled by Ukrainians. In 1347-1348, a plague epidemic originated in the Crimea, spread via Byzantium, sweeping across all of Europe within several years and reaching back Ruthenia (Ukraine) via Poland.    The Crimean Khanate (Qırım Hanlığı aka Qırım Yurta) originated in the early 15th century when certain clans of the Golden Horde Empire ceased their nomadic life in the Desht-i Kipchak — Kypchak Steppes of today's Ukraine and southern
2018 January 26 Friday, 16:55
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 26.01.2018    The Russian occupation administration in Crimea increasingly is persecuting Ukrainian citizens. Crimean Tatars are a particular target. The invaders from Muscovy are harassing, abducting, torturing, and holding hostage more and more of the autochthonous people of Ukraine’s southern peninsula. Russia’s abuse of human rights is now so extreme that the so-called ‘authorities’ in Crimea are reaching back to a time before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, before 20 February 2014, to invent ‘crimes’ against the Russian Federation.   On January 25, gunmen of the Russian occupation administration in Ukraine’s territory of Crimea carried out blitz searches of homes of
2018 January 26 Friday, 14:38
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 25.01.2018    Putin turns on and off the war in Donbas like flipping a light switch. The Russian Federation completely controls soldiers in eastern Ukraine who are fighting against the Ukrainian armed forces. Russia is invading Ukraine, and command and control of the invasion army is in Moscow.    When the world is not paying attention – which is most of the time – Russian occupation forces in eastern Ukraine shell defenders and civilians relentlessly. Russia violates the ceasefires of the Minsk Agreements all the time. But when prominent international visitors come to Ukraine, Putin is able to stop the shelling and the shooting on command.    United States Special
2018 January 25 Thursday, 11:41
Oleksandr Palii, A History of Ukraine, 24.01.2018   EPISODE 31 HERE  In 1471, the Lithuanian prince abolished the Kyiv principality and appointed the Lithuanian landlord and Catholic, Martynas Goštautas, as voivode in Kyiv. The Kyivans denied him entry into the city. The boyars asked the Lithuanian prince to respect Kyiv’s glory and appoint an Orthodox prince or one of his sons to the city. Goštautas must assemble a large army and only thus he succeeded in establishing himself in Kyiv. A large Lithuanian garrison permanently stayed in the Kyiv castle and new Lithuanian administrations were appointed in counties and volosts. The abolition of the principality disgruntled the population in Ruthenia (Ukraine). People
2018 January 24 Wednesday, 17:39
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 24.01.2018    Russia wants sanctions lifted without being required to stop its aggression against Ukraine, or stop its occupation of Crimea and parts of Donbas, or stop its gross abuse of human rights. Russia is using agents of influence in the Council of Europe to remove sanctions on the Russian delegation and restore it to full voting rights in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE).   The Council of Europe is Europe’s oldest international body for the protection of human rights. When Russia invaded Ukraine on 20 February 2014 and subsequently claimed to have annexed Crimea, PACE delegates recognized the grave threat to international human rights and to European values and voted to suspend
2018 January 24 Wednesday, 11:06
Oleksandr Palii, A History of Ukraine, 23.01.2018    EPISODE 30 HERE   The Slavic lands were much more developed than the Lithuanian ones in the Frand Duchy of Lithuania and Ruthenia (Rus’). Rus’ accounted for 90% of the territory and official records and chronicles were kept in the literary Ruthenian (Ukrainian) language of the time. Even in the late 16th century, when the state apparatus was being Polonized in the wake of Ukraine’s inclusion into Poland, the current Lithuanian Statute of 1588 required to write all official documents only in Ruthenian (Ukrainian).    In some regions, Lithuanian princes kept rulers from the Rurik dynasty in place, but the Grand duke of Lithuania removed the local Prince
2018 January 23 Tuesday, 18:45
  Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 23.01.2018        Russian invader-occupiers of Crimea and Donbas have been throwing Ukrainians into basement dungeons from the start of their aggression. On 27 December 2017, some Ukrainians who were prisoners of war or civilian hostages of the Russian occupation administration were freed in a prisoner swap. A nurse, Halyna Hayeva, and a professor, Ihor Kozlovsky – Ukrainian patriots – were among the 73 who went from Russia-occupied Ukraine to free Ukraine.    Freed hostages confirm that Russia is invading Ukraine and the areas not controlled by the Ukrainian government are areas under Russian occupation administration. They confirm that Russian regular troops are in battle
2018 January 23 Tuesday, 11:57
Oleksandr Palii, A History of Ukraine, 22.01.2018   EPISODE 29 HERE  Principality of Galicia-Volhynia continued the statehood traditions of Kyivan Rus’ for a century. The same dynasty of the descendants of Mstyslav the Great continued to rule there.    In 1199 a Volhynian prince, Roman II Mstyslavovych (son of Mstyslav II of Kyiv, ruled in 1173-1205) finally united Volhynian and Galician principalities in one state. In 1203 he set his power also in Kyiv, Pereyaslav and Chernihiv and led many military campaigns against Cumans, Hungarians, Poles and Lithuanians. In 1205 he died in action fighting troops of Cracowian prince, Leszek Bialy.    His son, Danylo Romanovych (Daniel son of Roman, born in 1201)
2018 January 22 Monday, 12:40
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 22.01.2018     Russian occupation forces in Ukraine attacked a passenger bus near Olenivka on January 21. One person was killed and one was injured in the attack. The bus was fired upon by soldiers of the 1st Army Corps (Donetsk or so-called “DPR”) of the Russian armed forces. They attacked the bus at their checkpoint near the village of Olenivka, which is in the Russia-occupied zone of Ukraine’s Donetsk region.   Anatoly Kazakov, 57 years old and a resident of Donetsk, died of a head wound. Aleksandr Dubrov, a 65 year old resident of Shakhtarsk was brought to a hospital in Russia-occupied Donetsk.   According to Ukrainian armed forces command, the Russians carried out this attack in a
2018 January 22 Monday, 08:54
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 21.01.2018    Independence and Reunion Day, celebrated on 22 January in Ukraine, is momentous because of four events that occurred on the 21st or 22nd of January over the past century. Their common theme is the unity of all Ukrainians, and the continuity of the independence of Ukraine.    On 21 January 2015, Ukrainian armed forces withdrew from the ruins of Donetsk International Airport, ending a battle with Russian armed forces that had lasted 240 days. Putin’s army invading Ukraine in Donbas poured limitless troops and weaponry into this battle, and the death toll on the part of the Russians was horrendous. Ukraine lost more than 200 servicemen killed in action defending Donetsk airport. The
2018 January 21 Sunday, 11:03
Oleksandr Palii, A History of Ukraine, 20.01.2018   EPISODE 28 HERE  The lands of the Lithuanian tribes were separated from the Mongols by dense forests. Lithuanian chieftains acquired military experience as they launched attacks on the lands of the former Kyivan state, Poland and the Teutonic Order. The Belarusian chronicle reported that the Lithuanians were so poor prior to their ascent that they paid tribute to Galician and Volhynian princes in bast and brooms for lack of more valuable goods.    During the rule of the Lithuanian Grand Prince Gediminas (1295–1341), Lithuanian forays turned into a massive onslaught. Noteworthily, his predecessor Prince Butvydas was forced to give Galician and Volhynian princes lands in the
2018 January 20 Saturday, 16:57
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 20.01.2018    Hungary is a saboteur within NATO, serving the interests of Russia. The Hungary's government of Victor Orbán now stands alone against the other 28 members of the North Atlantic alliance. Hungary is wrecking collective security.   On January 18, Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó stated that Hungary will block a NATO-Ukraine ministerial meeting. He said that at a meeting with the Head of the Society of Hungarian Culture in Zakarpatia and also a Verkhovna Rada deputy, Vasyl Brenzovych – in other words, while he was interfering in the internal affairs of Ukraine. Szijjártó has been using the Hungarian minority within Zakarpatia – who are
2018 January 20 Saturday, 13:48
Джері Райс, директор з комунікацій, брифінг МВФ, 19.01.2018, переклад українською Петро Козак     Для вашої зручності ми переклали декілька питань і відповідей з брифінгу прес-секретаря МВФ, які стосувались Московії, України та біткойнів. Весь текст цього брифінгу можна прочитати тут (англійською)   [...] ПИТАНННЯ: Представник МВФ у Московії, Ґабріель Ді Бела, у середу відвідав міжнародну економічну конференцію. Він говорив про історичну важливість для Московії не втрачати вплив у глобальній економіці, наголосив на необхідності її зросту щонайменше на 3% у наступні кілька років, та скоріш за все ріст її економіки обмежиться 1,5 %. Тож, на які кроки повинен піти уряд Московії, аби прискорити цей зріст?    МІСТЕР
2018 January 19 Friday, 17:26
Oleksandr Palii, A History of Ukraine, 19.01.2018    EPISODE 27 HERE    In the early 13th century, Ukraine was still fragmented, the Cumans no longer posed a threat and few people thought about a common defense. Meanwhile, a new horde was emerging in Asia. The nomadic Mongols borrowed from China knowledge and tools for storming cities and kept strict discipline in their army, including punishment by death for the slightest of violations.    The Mongol ideology was to establish worldwide rule — “a military expedition to the last sea”. The Mongols formed a huge army of hundreds of thousands of warriors from subjugated peoples.    Meanwhile, the hired military forces of the Rus’
2018 January 19 Friday, 15:14
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 19.01.2018    On January 19, Ukraine took a solid step to assert its sovereignty and restore its territorial integrity. Parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, passed a law “On special aspects of state policy to ensure Ukraine’s state sovereignty in temporarily occupied areas in Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts.” Before this law, Ukraine had been calling its war of national defence against Russian invasion an “Anti-Terrorist Operation.” With this law, Ukraine is now taking “measures to ensure national security and defence, deterrence and repression of Russian armed aggression.” By calling out Russia as an aggressor state, Ukraine is bringing ‘realpolitik’ into the conduct of the
2018 January 19 Friday, 12:51
Gerry Rice, Communications Director, IMF Briefing, 18.01.2018    For your convenience, we publish here just some questions and answers of the IMF spokesman concerning Russia, Ukraine and bitcoin issues. The full transcript of his briefing please read here.   [...] QUESTIONER: The IMF representative in Russia, Gabriel Di Bella, on Wednesday visited (inaudible) it's international economy analytical conference. He talked about historically the object for Russia is not to lose importance in the global economy and it needs grow at least three percent but at least in the next few years, potential growth may be limited at something between around 1.5 percent. So, what steps the Russian government should take to boost growth? MR. RICE: Well,
2018 January 19 Friday, 01:29
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 18.01.2018    The Governor-General of Canada, Julie Payette, is in Ukraine. She arrived in Lviv on the evening of January 17. While in Ukraine she will visit with Canadian soldiers who are working with Ukrainian soldiers at the Yavoriv military base under Canada’s “Operation UNIFIER,” which is a part of NATO’s training commitment to Ukraine. The Governor-General will also meet with the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko. Canada announced previously that it was seeing to expand its military assistance to Ukraine. Part of this assistance is that Ukraine now has access to Canada’s defence industry for the purchase of weapons.   The position of Governor-General is unfamiliar to many
2018 January 18 Thursday, 07:59
Oleksandr Palii, A History of Ukraine, 17.01.2018    EPISODE 26 HERE    The word Ukraine (Ukraina) first appeared in a chronicle in 1187. This happened even before the Mongol invasion, which undermines the Muscovite (Russian) imperial storyline about a “common cradle” of Ukraine with the Russian (Muscovite) people. For a long time, Muscovy (Russia) tried to promote the idea that Ukraina was derived from the word okraina “outskirts, borderland”. This was possible because in conditions of censorship, few researchers even read the chronicles. An entry in the chronicle for 1187 mentions that the Pereyaslav's Prince, Volodymyr Hlibovych, was “mourned by all of Ukraine”. The Pereyaslav Principality was
2018 January 17 Wednesday, 19:24
Бен Кардін, Сенат США, 10.01.2018, переклад українською Петро Козак  Минулої середи Бен Кардін, відомий сенатор-демократ зі штату Мериленд, оприлюднив свою доповідь з аналізом головних методів гібридної війни, які застосовує Кремль для дестабілізації ситуації у різних країнах, під назвою: «Асиметричний наступ Путіна на демократію в Московії та світі: наслідки для національної безпеки США».  Ми починаємо публікацію окремих розділів цього документу, і першим ми переклали розділ його доповіді, який стосується самої України.  Україна, мабуть більше за інші країни, накликала на себе гібридну московську агресію у всіх її можливих формах. Це смертельна суміш військових атак, убивств, дезінформації, кібератак, а також використання
2018 January 17 Wednesday, 16:52
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 17.01.2018    Putin hates the Ukrainian flag. It enrages him. The blue and yellow banner symbolizes the freedom and independence of the Ukrainian people, who were never a part of the “Russian World” and never will be. Most of all, Putin knows that as long as the Ukrainian flag waves proudly, the hammer and sickle flag of the 1920 to 1991 Russian regime of state terror will never come back.   When Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2014 the first thing that Russian special forces soldiers did when they occupied the regional parliament building in Simferopol, Crimea was to tear down the Ukrainian flag. Russian invader-occupiers continue to display a violent animus towards any display of natural patriotic
2018 January 17 Wednesday, 12:17
Oleksandr Palii, A History of Ukraine, 16.01.2018    EPISODE 25 HERE    The Ukrainian language was for the first time recorded in Pravda Rouskaya (The Truth of Rus'), a collection of laws, and especially in household inscriptions and the charters of princes (the 10th until the 12th centuries).    Most Ukrainian scholars believe that the Ukrainian language with its special features was formed on the basis of ancient Slavic dialects under some influence from the Scythian and Sarmatian languages at the time of the Antean tribal union, i.e. in the mid-1st millennium AD. There were no Slavs in the territory of either modern Russia or modern Belarus.    Unlike princes’ charters and household
2018 January 16 Tuesday, 18:19
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 16.01.2018    Russia may declare war on Ukraine. The Russian parliament may renounce the part of the 1997 Russian-Ukrainian Friendship Treaty where Russia agrees to respect the territorial integrity of Ukraine. This was announced on January 15 by Konstantin Zatulin, a deputy in the Russian Duma and member of the United Russia party.   Russia is already violating the territorial integrity of Ukraine by invading Crimea and Donbas since 2014. Russia has been waging undeclared war against Ukraine for almost four years. Were Russia to revoke recognition of the territorial integrity of Ukraine, by renouncing part of the Russian-Ukrainian Friendship Treaty, this would amount to a formal declaration of war.   In
2018 January 16 Tuesday, 15:15
Oleksandr Palii, A History of Ukraine, 15.01.2018    EPISODE 24 HERE   The Kyiv state freed the ancestors of Muscovites (Russians) from having to pay tribute to the Khazars, taught them literacy and introduced them to Christian culture. However, in the mid-12th century the ancestors of Muscovy (Russia) separated from Kyiv and created their own state, Suzdal, which later came to be known as Muscovy. The borders of the Principality of Vladimir-Suzdal were those of the Finno-Ugric tribe Merya. Kyivan princes sent their youngest sons to rule there. Suzdal princes were able to build strength, while Rus’ was wearing down in the struggle against the steppe peoples.    Since the 12th century, the descendants of Mstyslav the
2018 January 15 Monday, 17:40
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 15.01.2018    Crimea is Ukraine. Ukrainians have a right to travel wherever they want in their own country. A foreign country, Russia, has violently interfered with that right of free movement. Russia invaded Ukraine in Crimea on 20 February 2014 and has been illegally occupying Ukraine’s southern peninsula ever since. Russia purports to have “annexed” Crimea, a status that the United Nations General Assembly and the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly demand that nations of the world not recognize.   Being naturally a part of Ukraine, Crimea is readily accessible from Kherson region which is to the north of it. Even though a Russian invasion-occupation army faces Ukrainian defenders across an artificial
2018 January 15 Monday, 10:30
Allan Levitov, Facebook, 09.01.2018    At first it was simple. Recall Russian propaganda against Ukraine from the start of Putin’s War, in 2014-15: “Nazi youth”, “crucified little boys”, “bloody trains from which you can be taken to the National Guard”, “red hand, black sheet, green fingers” and other horrors. But the propaganda effort failed. It failed to spread. At great cost, the Russians had been trying to create the image of Ukraine as a ruined state, where “the fascists seized power”. But Russian propagandists and their initiative failed.    Now there is another plan. Those who keep a close eye on events and who read the last "investigation of Al Jazeera”
2018 January 14 Sunday, 22:08
Victor Rud, Lviv Security Forum, 01.12.2017  “Why Putin Likes the West” may seem to be an anomalous title for my remarks. After all, what we incessantly hear is that Putin is blaming the West for everything. We hear about Russia’s “lost pride,” that it is “humiliated,” “embittered,” “insulted,” “lost,” “confused.” One of the advisors to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in the last presidential campaign said, “Putin has been trying hard to find love, appreciation and recognition.”    The demonstrable facts are opposite. Fiona Hill is formerly from the Brookings Institution, a well-recognized think tank in Washington, and is now with the National
2018 January 14 Sunday, 18:21
Oleksandr Palii, A History of Ukraine, 14.01.2018    EPISODE 23 HERE    Just like Ukrainian Cossacks, many historians now believe that the name Rus’ comes from the Sarmatian tribe of Roxolani which settled in Central Ukraine to the south of Kyiv starting from the 2nd century BC. In this region, there are rivers with such names as Ros, Rosava, Rostavytsia, Rutets etc.    Since ancient times, Rus’ was the name applied only to Central Ukraine — the Kyiv, Chernihiv and Pereyaslav principalities, i.e. the territory of modern Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Chernihiv oblasts and parts of Sumy, Cherkasy, Vinnytsia and Poltava oblasts. Starting from the 12th century, it was extended to include the Western Ukraine. Princes
2018 January 14 Sunday, 15:27
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 14.01.2018    Sanctions-busting Siemens is at it again. German engineering firm Siemens signed a new contract with the same Russian company it used to ship four turbines to Russia-occupied Crimea. CEO Joe Kaeser is shameless and overt in his aggressive support of Russia’s invasion of Europe in Ukraine.   Siemens props up the Putin-Kremlin crime syndicate through numerous cut-outs, such as the Russian company Siemens Healthcare and the Russian subsidiary Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies. Siemens is eager to continue to do business with Europe-invader Russia, and largely ignores Europe-defender Ukraine. In particular, Joe Kaeser is making good on the promise he delivered to Vladimir Putin in March 2014. Days
2018 January 14 Sunday, 10:19
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 13.01.2018     Russia has been invading Ukraine in Crimea and Donbas since 20 February 2014. That’s 3 years, 10 months, 24 days of unrelenting warfare by Russia against Ukraine – the largest countries that lies wholly within Europe.   Since the signing of the second Minsk Agreement on 11 February 2015 and the Battle of Debaltseve which ended on 20 February 2015, the Russians have settled into a pattern of static warfare against Ukrainians. Just like in the First World War trenches and fortified positions separate the warring sides – in the case of Putin’s War it is the invading Russians on one side and the defending Ukrainians on the other. Putin’s invasion of Europe battlefront in
2018 January 13 Saturday, 15:21
Oleksandr Palii, A History of Ukraine, 13.01.2018    EPISODE 22 HERE  Grand Prince Mstyslav (ruled in Kyiv in 1125–1132), the eldest son of Volodymyr II Monomakh, was called “the Great” by his contemporaries for his authority both inside the country and internationally. His mother was Gytha, an English princess, the daughter of Harold, the last Anglo-Saxon king of England. Mstyslav subdued attempts to secede in Kyiv-controlled lands and strengthened Kyiv’s standing as a capital. Mstyslav’s descendants maintained control over Ukraine until the 16th and the 17th centuries.    Vyshgorod (Volodymyr) Theotokos icon, brought from Byzantium under Mstyslav I Volodymyrovych, stolen from Vyshgorod and
2018 January 13 Saturday, 14:31
  Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 12.01.2018    Since the triumph of the Revolution of Dignity in 2014, Ukraine has been fighting against corruption and making phenomenal progress. Since Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014, the main impediment to greater progress fighting corruption in Ukraine is the horrendous violence of Putin’s War and the irredeemable corruption of Russia. One of the most evil purposes of Russian aggression is to prevent the success of anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine. No one should talk about fighting corruption in Ukraine without talking about defeating the Russian invasion of Ukraine, whose purpose is to metastasize that corruption.   Ukraine is a peaceful, democratic and wholly European nation. As Ukrainians
2018 January 12 Friday, 14:00
Аллан Левітов, Facebook, 09.01.2018, переклад українською Петро Козак    Спочатку було просто. Згадайте стару класичну московську пропаганду року так 2014-2015. «Фашистські молодчики», «розіп'яті хлопчики», «криваві потяги, з яких забирають до нацгвардії», «червона рука, чорне простирадло, зелені пальці» - і інші піонерські страшилки. Не пройшло. Не осилили. З України, з нашої з вами країни всіма силами ліпили образ зруйнованої держави, де владу взяли «фашисти». Але пропагандисти обломилися, ініціатива провалилась.    Тепер план інший. Хто уважно стежив за подіями і читав останнє "розслідування Аль Джазіри" (про «Курченко продав активи Януковича депутатові Онищенку),
2018 January 12 Friday, 13:32
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 11.01.2018    Russia is waging all-out war against Ukraine. Events of January 10 show that Putin has no intention of stopping his invasion of Europe in Crimea and Donbas, and is increasing the violence of his army’s attacks.    Russian armed forces did more shelling and conducted more assaults than at any time since the so-called “Christmas ceasefire” was supposed to take effect, at midnight on 23 December 2017. From occupied territory in Donbas, Russia attacked Ukrainian defenders near the village of Troitske in Luhansk region. Russia attacked north of the occupied city of Debaltseve towards the “Svitlodarsk bulge,” especially near the village of Luhanske. Nearby
2018 January 11 Thursday, 16:04
Oleksandr Palii, A History of Ukraine, 11.01.2018     EPISODE 21 HERE    Volodymyr Monomakh (so named because of his mother, a Byzantine princess from the Monomakh family) ruled in Kyiv in 1113–1125. His rule was victorious and fair. He wrote in his Instruction for My Children (on main picture): “I conducted a total of 83 large campaigns and I don’t remember how many smaller ones.”  Nevertheless, the prince managed to remain a humanist. It was his idea to abolish capital (and even other lethal) punishment: “Do not kill either someone who is right or someone who is guilty and do not order to have him killed; if [someone] deserves death, do not kill any Christian soul.”  Volodymyr
2018 January 11 Thursday, 15:53
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 10.01.2018  Russia falsified the United States presidential election of 2016. This successful attack by the Putin regime against US democracy cannot be understood without knowing about Putin regime aggression against Ukraine and Ukrainian democratic institutions. In particular, Russia’s hybrid war against Ukraine needs to be analyzed in detail from 2004 onward. 2004 is when Russia played a large part in the falsification of the Ukrainian presidential election, making it appear that pro-Putin candidate Viktor Yanukovych had won over reform-minded candidate Viktor Yushchenko. 2004 is when the Ukrainian people rose up in the Orange Revolution, and brought about a free and fair repeat run-off election which overturned that
2018 January 10 Wednesday, 14:17
Oleksandr Palii, A History of Ukraine, 10.01.2018    EPISODE 20 HERE     The history of Rus’ of those times consisted largely of wars with the Cumans and internecine fighting between dynasties, primarily those of Monomakhovychi and Olhovychi, and the gradually increasing domination of the centers of various principalities — Chernihiv, Halych, Volodymyr in Volhynia etc.    Campaign against the Cumans, Radziwiłł Chronicle, 14th century.  In the 11th and 12th centuries there were three principalities on the territory of Ukraine: the Kyiv principality, directly ruled by the Grand Prince; the Pereiaslav principality to which the Grand Prince usually appointed his son or brother who was to
2018 January 10 Wednesday, 14:08
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 09.01.2018    Ukraine is rediscovering its history. Since the Revolution of Dignity of 2013-14, Ukrainians in Ukraine have been discovering and debating the past with an openness and an honesty that in years past was only found among the Ukrainian diaspora. The moment of “truth and reconciliation” for Ukraine should have happened in 1991, with the re-emergence of Ukrainian independence. But what the protestors were saying at EuroMaidan was that 1991 was more about the weakness of the Russian occupation regime than it was about the strength of the Ukrainian national movement. The reason for Ukraine’s renaissance now, after 2013, is there has been a fight for real independence. The corrupt Yanukovych regime
2018 January 09 Tuesday, 14:51
Oleksandr Palii, A History of Ukraine, 09.01.2018    EPISODE 19 HERE  Starting from the 4th through the 6th centuries AD, numerous aggressive Turkic hordes began to invade the steppe part of Ukraine. They were luredby rich pastures and an opportunity to attack the lands of the Slavs and the borders of Byzantium.    The Pechenegs started to establish themselves in the Ukrainian steppes since the late 9th century. This powerful tribe attacked, among others, the Byzantine Empire. After their defeat near Kyiv in 1036, they disappeared from the historical arena.    Turkic nomad leads a captive, image on a gold pitcher, 8th century.    In the mid-11th century, the Cumans invaded the Ukrainian
2018 January 09 Tuesday, 14:17
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 08.01.2018      Kasper Rørsted, the chief executive officer of Adidas, thinks Europe should improve relations with Russia, that sanctions don’t hurt Russia but hurt the West, and that Russia would be a good ally to solve the situation around North Korea and the problem of refugees from North Africa.   Rørsted did not say anything about Ukraine. He did not mention that Russia has been invading Europe in Ukraine since 20 February 2014. He did not mention that Russia ruined relations with Europe by going to war against Europeans. He did not mention that sanctions are against Russian individuals and entities responsible for war crimes and gross violations of human rights. He did not mention the
2018 January 08 Monday, 10:50
Oleksandr Palii, A History of Ukraine, 08.01.2018    EPISODE 18 HERE    In 1018, after a war in which Volodymyr’s sons Borys and Hlib were treacherously murdered, their brother Yaroslav finally established himself in Kyiv. Historians called him “Yaroslav the Wise”.    Yaroslav defeated the Poles, Lithuanians, Yotvingians and Finns and subjugated the Finno-Ugric tribes in what is now Central Muscovy (Russia). Especially important was his 1036 victory over the Pechenegs near the place where St. Sophia’s Cathedral stands in Kyiv.    A reconstruction model of the original form of the Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv.    With Yaroslav’s facilitation, Rusyn
2018 January 08 Monday, 00:02
Віталій Гайдукевич, Історична правда, 05.01.2018  От вони і почались – 4 роки звитяжних і сумних ювілеїв. Сьогодні одразу кілька людей задали питання - так, а що це за помилки столітньої давнини, що їх життєво важливо не повторити зараз?    Напевно, більш ґрунтовно можуть дати відповідь науковці. Висловлю свої міркування: можливо не щодо самих помилок (бо там їх хмара), а скоріше – порад, з огляду на тодішні помилки:    1. ЖОДНИХ ІЛЮЗІЙ! Центральна Рада не наважувалася на різкі рухи і мала ілюзію, що Україні досить автономії в складі великої Московії. Центральній Радіі знадобилося аж 4 універсали, щоб до панів політиків дійшло: Московія – ворог. Дійшло надто пізно. Та ж ілюзія була у
2018 January 07 Sunday, 19:20
Oleksandr Palii, A History of Ukraine, 07.01.2018    EPISODE 17 HERE    The rule of Volodymyr the Great (980–1015) was of great importance for Ukraine. He introduced Christianity to Ukraine and extended it to the subordinated lands in Eastern Europe. He built many cities around Kyiv along the rivers Desna, Oster, Trubizh, Sula, Stuhna and others for protection against nomads. Under his rule, Ukraine developed written law, similar to that in other civilized states. Ancient chronicles always have his name in its Ukrainian pronunciation — Volodymyr.    Volodymyr increased Kyiv’s control over the lands in modern Central Muscovy (now aka Russia): at the beginning of his reign the Vyatichi tribe stopped
2018 January 07 Sunday, 17:50
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 07.01.2018     A joyous Ukrainian Christmas, one and all.    This is the season of two Christmases in Ukraine. For the first time December 25 was an official holiday. The vast majority of Ukrainians celebrate Christmas, though, on January 7. With the Revolution of Dignity of 2013-14, Ukraine definitively made its European choice. But that doesn’t mean giving up traditional holidays with their unique customs, such as Ukrainian Christmas.    Christmas should be filled with music. Carol singing is an ancient custom among Ukrainian customs, but it was suppressed during the years of Russian occupation and Soviet state terror. It never died out among the Ukrainian diaspora. With the renewal of
2018 January 07 Sunday, 13:41
Oleksandr Palii, A History of Ukraine, 06.01.2018  EPISODE 16 HERE    Varangian princes quickly intermixed with the Slavs. Sviatoslav the Brave, son of Ihor (Ingvar) and Olha, was the first prince from the Rurik dynasty to receive a Slavic name (thou Varangians still called him Sveinald Ingvarsson), but in contrast with his mother's conversion to Christianity, Sviatoslav remained a staunch pagan all of his life.    The chronicle points to his bravery — he warned enemies before launching campaigns against them: “I am coming for you.” The Byzantine historian Leo the Deacon saw Sviatoslav with his own eyes and his description is a later archetypical image of a Ukrainian Cossack: long mustache, haircut in the
2018 January 06 Saturday, 15:18
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 06.01.2018    Prisoners were exchanged across Russia’s invasion of Europe battlefront on December 27. The former detainees received vastly different treatment while they were incarcerated and they’re getting completely different welcomes now that they’re back to their respective sides. Ukrainian prisoners of war and civilian hostages were tortured while they were held by the Russian military occupation regime in Donbas, but they’re being honoured and cared for now that they’re back in free Ukraine. Irregular soldiers and criminals who served with the terrorist formations, the so-called “LPR” and the so-called “DPR”, were treated according to the rules of war by Ukrainian
2018 January 06 Saturday, 10:27
Олег Пономар, Facebook, 05.01.2018    НАФТА ТА САНКЦІЇ    Ми всі пам'ятаємо історію, коли у березні 2014 року президент Обама полетів до шейхів, а Путін намагався упередити нищівний сценарій з СРСР та цінами на нафту, і подзвонив йому через спецзв'язок прямо на борт №1. Та пан Обама вже більше року не є президентом, і я думав, що всім очевидно, що президент Трамп усних угод Обами з шейхами дотримуватись не буде.    Зараз інший час та інші завдання. А зниження цін на нафту (а до нападу Московії на Україну ціна бареля доходила й до $117) було першим найнагальнішим та найочевиднішим кроком, як і перші пакети санкцій.    Тепер наша історія перебуває на якісно іншому рівні, і ухвалюються такі рішення, яких у
2018 January 05 Friday, 17:16
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 05.01.2018      Russia has been violating all the terms of the second set of Minsk Agreements since they were signed 2 years, 10 months, 25 days ago. From 11 February 2015 to today, Russia has not withdrawn its armed forces from the territory of Ukraine, not returned control of the Ukraine-Russia international border to Ukraine, not respected the terms of any ceasefires, nor returned every prisoner of war and civilian hostage in an “all-for-all” prisoner exchange. France and Germany, who are guarantors of the Minsk Agreements, have done absolutely nothing to compel compliance by Russia.   Expanding its invasion of Europe in Ukraine, Russia has done the opposite of what it agreed to do in the Minsk
2018 January 05 Friday, 12:25
Oleksandr Palii, A History of Ukraine, 04.01.2018    EPISODE 15 HERE  Since the end of the 8th century, groups of Scandinavian warriors began to attack European states. They were called Varangians in Ukraine, Normans in Western Europe, and their self-designation was Vikings. The most active Varangians started to establish their own dynasties in France, England, Southern Italy and in the lands of the Slavs.    According to chronicles, the Varangians Askold and Dyr (in Varangian: Høskuldr and Dýri) came with a group of warriors along the route “from the Varangians to the Greeks”, i.e. from Scandinavia to Byzantium, seized power in Kyiv in 862 and established control over the
2018 January 04 Thursday, 23:39
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 04.01.2018     Germany’s foreign minister Sigmar Gabriel doesn’t think Ukraine should defend itself effectively from Russian aggression. Speaking in Kyiv on January 3, the German foreign minister said, “We in Germany are rather skeptical about the idea that arms supplies could help resolve the conflict.” It is difficult to think of anything that will give more encouragement to Putin as he invades Europe in Ukraine or that will be more demoralizing to the Ukrainian people as they fight alone to save their country and to save Europe. Gabriel’s words could have been written in the Kremlin.   Russia invaded Ukraine on 20 February 2014. Germany gives no military training assistance to the
2018 January 04 Thursday, 11:22
Oleksandr Palii, A History of Ukraine, 03.01.2018    EPISODE 14 HERE    For several millennia, Indo-Iranian tribes settled in the steppe zone of Ukraine and proto-Slavic tribes in the forest zone, interacting with the former in the forest-steppe zone.    The Ukrainian people emerged primarily as a result of this union. Since the Slavs, the Scythians and the Sarmatians were present almost across all of the territory of Ukraine, the Ukrainian people were more homogeneous than many large nations.    It should be mentioned that neither the Slavs until around 500 AD, nor the Scythians, nor the Sarmatians were Ukrainians — they were only the direct ancestors of Ukrainians.    A Scythian
2018 January 03 Wednesday, 17:06
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 03.01.2018    Defending Europe from Russian invasion has a price, and in 2018 Ukraine will spend a substantial part of the wealth of the nation paying that price. This year the budget for the Ukrainian armed forces will be a record amount: 86 billion hryvnia, which is about 3.06 billion US dollars. This is five percent of the gross domestic product of Ukraine.   There will be a big boost in spending on weapons and military equipment, especially now that restrictions have been lessened by Canada and the United States on arms sales to Ukraine. A 34% increase in matériel expenditure over the previous year means that Ukraine will spend 18.1 billion hryvnia in this category, or 644 million US dollars.   The
2018 January 03 Wednesday, 11:37
Oleksandr Palii, A History of Ukraine, 02.01.2018    EPISODE 13 HERE    One of the Antean princes involved in a campaign in the region of the Danube River was Kyi, a prince from the tribe of the Polans. The city of Kyiv, which he founded, was located on hills, which was convenient for defense. It stood at the crossroads of many trade routes between the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea, the Desna River etc.   Kyi, Shchek, Khoryv and Lybed, miniature from the Radziwiłł Chronicle    According to the Rus’ Primary Chronicle (an ancient Ukrainian chronicle), the three Polan princes — Kyi, Shchek and Khoryv initially founded three different fortresses (each his own fortress) on the Kyivan hills
2018 January 02 Tuesday, 16:09
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 02.01.2018    Russian invaders of Europe have inflicted the first battlefield casualties of 2018, on the first day of the year. Striking from occupied Donetsk city, Russian artillery bombarded the Butovka coal mine near the town of Avdiivka in free Ukraine. One Ukrainian soldier was killed in this attack. The area of the Butovka mine shaft is a defensive position of the Ukrainian armed forces close the invasion battlefront of the Russians. Also on on January 1, one Ukrainian serviceman was wounded in action outside the village of Kamyanka, which is also near the town of Avdiivka. One serviceman was wounded near Katerynivka, which is just over 60 kilometres west of Russia-occupied Luhansk city.    Russian armed
2018 January 02 Tuesday, 11:50
Доктор Немо, Radio Lemberg, 02.01.2018   Чим брудніша калюжа, тим краще в ній відбиваються чисті зорі. Так на фоні екологічних, політичних та соціальних проблем виглядають інвестиції в космічні програми, чи то Марс2024 чи відправлення набору для виготовлення піцци на МКС.   Що ж цікавого сталося в 2017 серед космічних програм? Були й «подорожі» між атмосферою Сатурна і його славнозвісними кільцями, розгледіли зблизька дивовижні бурі на Юпітері, марсіанський сніг та розмірковування куди ділась вода з червоної планети, спостерігали за дивними астероїдами, шукали прибульців і трохи задумувалися, що робити, якщо все ж знайдемо їх.    1. Рік у космосі почався з того, що вже 6 січня на Міжнародній космічній
2018 January 02 Tuesday, 11:19
Oleksandr Palii, A History of Ukraine, 01.01.2018    EPISODE 12 HERE  The first Huns are known to have inhabited the territory between the Danube River and the region near the Sea of Azov from the 2nd century AD.    Most scholars believe that this was a small tribe of Turkic or Mongol origin which came from the east to an area surrounded by numerous Slavic, Scythian-Sarmatian and Gothic tribes.    In the 5th century AD, the Huns mostly spoke a “Scythian” language which included the words med (honey) and strava (dish), now in the basic vocabulary of standard Ukrainian.    Hunnic set of horse trappings, 4th century; chamfron, bridle mounts and whip handle    The
2018 January 01 Monday, 20:36
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 01.01.2018    Human rights matter. Women’s rights matter. A Ukrainian woman, Anna Muzychuk (born in 1990, on the left) is leading by example, taking a stand on principle, and is making the world a better place. Unfortunately, she is suffering personally for her moral courage.   Anna Muzychuk is a chess grandmaster. In 2016, she won the Women’s World Rapid Chess Championship and the Women’s World Blitz Chess Championship. She is so famous in Ukraine that she and her sister Mariya (the 2015 Women’s World Chess Champion, born in 1992, on the right) were featured on a Ukrainian postage stamp.   The 2017 Women’s World Speed Chess Championship is being held in Saudi Arabia. The World
2018 January 01 Monday, 11:26
Oleksandr Palii, A History of Ukraine, 31.12.2017    EPISODE 11 HERE    The Slavs were first mentioned under the name Veneti in the 1st century AD.  Contemporaries described them as a large and militant people inclined to anarchy and self-rule.  Roman historians wrote about their long raids on land and unions with the Sarmatians.  Byzantine military commanders noted the Slavs’ special skills in fighting in the woods, tracking enemies, capturing informers as prisoners, hiding in the water for hours and breathing through blades of reed etc.   Fantastic animal, silver-gilt plate, Cherkasy Oblast, 6th century AD.  At present, most scholars believe that the homeland of the Slavs was in the
2017 December 31 Sunday, 15:01
  Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 31.12.2017     Ukrainian detainees freed from the Russians are telling their stories. The stories they’re telling are of torture, abuse, torment, and harsh and degrading treatment of every kind. There are no depths of barbarity to which the Russian invader-occupiers of Ukraine will not stoop. Russia has been violating the rules of war and international human rights law from the beginning of its invasion of Europe in Ukraine on 20 February 2014. But the released detainees are telling other stories, corroborating what Ukrainians who are “internally displaced persons” have been saying for years: Donbas people living under Russian occupation yearn to be liberated. The authority of Putin’s
2017 December 31 Sunday, 12:45
Олег Пономар, Facebook, 30.12.2017    Тиждень тому я писав, що я є дуже ліберальним, ба водночас за політичними поглядами є консерватором (Канада) чи республіканцем (США). Як таке можливо?    Дуже просто. Світ рухається у напрямку свободи. Світ в цілому стає ліберальнішим. Це незмінний тренд. Це прогрес. З розвитком виробничих сил та відносин людина стає вільнішою. В людини виникає більше часу та можливостей. Людина стає мобільнішою. Розширюються межі свободи. І так буде завжди (деколи зиґзаґами та маятником, але це вектор розвитку людства).    Приклад. Одностатеві шлюби. Канада була четвертою країною світу, легалізувавши їх у 2005 році. Після цього вже протягом дванадцяти років на виборах перемагають почергово
2017 December 30 Saturday, 13:41
Oleksandr Palii, A History of Ukraine, 30.12.2017    EPISODE TEN HERE    In the 230s AD, a large Germanic tribe of Goths came from Scandinavia to the area north of the Sea of Azov and near the Black Sea.    The Goths started to launch raids into the Roman Empire, including by sea. As a result, Rome’s borders were pushed back beyond the Danube River in the late 3rd century AD.    Battle between the Romans and the Goths, bas-relief from a sarcophagus, Rome, 3rd century AD.    In the 4th century AD, both the Slavs and the Sarmatians in the territory of modern Ukraine were forced to pay tribute to the Gothic king Ermanaric (350-375 AD).    Incited by an instigator, he
2017 December 30 Saturday, 11:39
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 30.12.2017    Ukraine had the best stock market in the world in 2017, but retail investors missed out because there is no such thing as a exchange traded fund with exposure exclusively to Ukraine. For the sake of liberty of capital, that has to change.   The best performing equity index in the world in 2017 belonged to Ukraine. The Ukrainian Equities Index advanced by 80% over the year, as of December 26. This was reported by Bloomberg, which noted that in May 2017 the International Monetary Fund presented its view of the Ukrainian economy as showing “welcome signs of recovery.” The IMF sees in Ukraine “a promising basis for further growth.” This is a remarkable turnaround from 2015, when the
2017 December 30 Saturday, 10:34
Oleksandr Palii, A History of Ukraine, 29.12.2017    EPISODE NINE HERE  The Sarmatians started coming from beyond the Don River to settle in what is now Ukraine in the 3rd century BC.    The ancestors of both the Sarmatians and Scythians moved east from the territory of Ukraine in the middle of the 2nd millennium BC but later returned.    The name ‘Sarmatian’ means ‘girded with a sword’ in Indo-Iranian languages. Greeks even said that Sarmatians were “under women’s control” because of numerous female military units and the great power of their queens. Greeks called Sarmatian female warriors ‘Amazons’. They were as good fighters as men, and in some cases even
2017 December 29 Friday, 14:11
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 29.12.2017      Ukrainian armed forces shot down a Russian armed forces Orlan-10 unmanned aerial vehicle near Toretsk in Donetsk region, Ukraine on December 28. Russia has been using unmanned aerial vehicles for reconnaissance since it began its invasion of Europe in Ukraine on 20 February 2014. The use of advanced drones is undeniable proof that the “war in Ukraine” is in fact a war by Russia against Ukraine. Each Russian drone that is shot down or crashes in free Ukraine territory provides incontrovertible proof of Russia’s direct instigation, participation, and guidance of the war. A Russian army is invading Europe in Crimea and Donbas – it is nonsense to use terms like
2017 December 29 Friday, 11:39
Oleksandr Palii, A History of Ukraine, 28.12.2017    EPISODE EIGHT HERE    Since the 7th century BC, people originating from the Greek cities of Asia Minor (mainly from the city of Miletus, now in Turkey) started to widely settle in what is now Ukraine. They were driven from Greece by poverty and overpopulation.    The population of all Greek cities and villages in Ukraine at their peak exceeded 200,000 people. The largest Greek city in Ukraine was Olbia with a population of 20,000-25,000. The other major cities were Chersonesos Taurica, Tyras and Panticapaeum.   Bronze coins of Olbia in the form of dolphins In the 5th century BC, Greek cities in the eastern Crimea founded the Bosporan
2017 December 28 Thursday, 22:45
Віктор Уколов, Facebook, 28.12.2017 1. Україні надано безвізовий режим з Евросоюзом. Це не тільки досягнення всіх політиків, але й особисте досягнення Петра Порошенка, який підняв цю тему ще тоді, коли працював міністром закордонних справ. Це успішна історія для нас, адже, незважаючи на величезні зусилля, Московія програла цю сутичку начисто. 2. Остаточно ратифіковано угоду про асоціацію України з ЕС. З цим погодилися всі 28 країн ЕС, включаючи Нідерланди, де спочатку на консультаційному референдумі вирішили угоду не підписувати. Як потім з'ясувалося і тут без Московії не обійшлося, але всі зусилля її агентів впливу виявилися марними. 3. Продовжено економічні санкції проти Московії з боку ЕС та посилено санкції з боку США. 100% виграш України важливий
2017 December 28 Thursday, 21:43
Олег Пономар, Facebook, 28.12.2017    Чому інформаційна війна, як частина гібридної війни проти Московії, є настільки критично важливою? Не менш важливішою, ніж фронт?    Бо інформаційна війна — це війна за мозок та серце усіх тих 85% (а може й більше) українців, які не дуже вникають у політику. Війна за їхню віру та надію.    Їх просто цілодобово бомбардують "новинами" — фейками, напів-фейками, маніпулятивними матеріалами, замовними статтями в наших та західних ЗМІ, "аналізом" та прогнозами анти-українських "експертів", які доводять, що ми не потрібні ні НАТО ні ЕС, що влада в Україні є тимчасовою й антинародною, і що реформи ведуть до бідності.    І водночас, на цьому фоні, усілякі
2017 December 28 Thursday, 18:35
Галина Калачова, Економічна правда, 20.12.2017  James D. Gwartney, професор економіки і почесний викладач в Університеті штату Флорида, приїхав до України на запрошення Bendukidze Free Market Center для презентації свого дослідження. Цей всесвітньо відомий фахівець, автор бестселлерів Economics, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Essentials of Economics, Common Sense Economics, аналізує трансформацію економічних та політичних інститутів 25 колишніх централізовано-планових країн. Як співавтор світового Індексу економічної свободи Інституту Фрейзера він ще є носієм системних знань про розвиток економік сотні держав протягом останніх 30 років. Професор розповів, чому Україні бракує економічної свободи, як присутність держави в економіці впливає на темпи зростання
2017 December 28 Thursday, 15:57
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 28.12.2017    Here’s a rare good news story from Russia’s invasion of Europe in Ukraine. 73 Ukrainian hostages were released by Putin’s terrorist groups, the so-called “DPR” and “LPR,” to receive a hero’s welcome in free Ukraine. 233 prisoners of war held by the Ukrainian authorities crossed into Russia-occupied Donbas, where they were completely ignored by Kremlin propagandists.   73 Ukrainian prisoners of war and civilian hostages of invader-occupier Russia were released from captivity on December 27. 74 people were agreed to be exchanged by the Russian side; one woman decided to stay with here family in Russia-occupied Donetsk, even though she held to her pro-Ukraine
2017 December 28 Thursday, 10:56
Oleksandr Palii, A History of Ukraine, 27.12.2017    EPISODE SEVEN HERE    By the 6th century BC, Persia (now Iran) became the most powerful state in the ancient world, having conquered Lydia, Syria, Palestine, Egypt and part of India. Persia became the first superpower of the world simultaneously on three continents — Asia, Europe and Africa.    The army of the Persian Emperor Darius I invaded Scythia in 513 BC. Herodotus wrote about 700,000 Persian soldiers, not counting ship crews, and 600 ships. Bridges were built over the Bosporus Strait and the Lower Danube for the Persians.    In response to a demand of surrender, the Scythians sent a bird, a frog, a mouse and five arrows to the Persian
2017 December 27 Wednesday, 12:40
  Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 27.12.2107    Never forget why sanctions were imposed on Russia. Russia invaded Ukraine on 20 February 2014 and has been at war with the largest wholly European country ever since. Instead of declaring war against the Russia and actively helping Ukrainians who are defending and saving Europe, Western powers imposed sanctions on Russian individuals and entities that were responsible destroying the peace and committing crimes against humanity. Sanctions are the very least that Western powers could have done.   If Russia wants sanctions to be lifted, then the wisest course of action would be to stop attacking Ukraine, and for all Russian forces to leave Crimea and Donbas. But Putin is not a wise leader. The
2017 December 27 Wednesday, 12:27
Oleksandr Palii, A History of Ukraine, 27.12.2017    EPISODE SIX HERE  The Scythians believed that their ancestral home was the territory of modern Ukraine and claimed that they lived along the Dnipro 1,000 years before their return in the 7th century BC when they met the Cimmerians here.    The Scythians were among the first peoples in Europe, following only Greece and Italy, to develop a full-fledged state with a permanent army, government, taxes, minted money etc. The Scythian state existed for a millennium (until the 4th century AD) in some regions of Ukraine.    The name of Scythians was given to them by the Greeks. They called themselves Skolotoi, after their king Scyles, who ruled in the 5th century BC.
2017 December 26 Tuesday, 12:00
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 26.12.2017    Some Ukrainians who are prisoners of war and hostages of Russia may be released in time for New Years. If this happens it will be a joyous event. It has been a long time coming: some of the detainees have been held since early in Russia’s invasion of Europe in Crimea and Donbas, since 2014.   Russia is required to do an “all-for-all” prisoner swap. This is a condition of the Minsk Agreements. Russia has been non-compliant with this and every other condition of the Minsk Agreements for two years. Ukraine has been prepared all along to make the exchange. Finally, a breakthrough may be in the offing. On December 27, there is proposed to be a “306 for 74” prisoner swap: Ukraine
2017 December 26 Tuesday, 11:54
Oleksandr Palii, A History of Ukraine, 25.12.2017    EPISODE FIVE HERE    After the settlement of the different Indo-European tribes, part of them, i.e. the Indo-Iranian tribes, remained in the steppes of southern Ukraine and Crimea. They were thus named because ethnic groups related to them settled also in North India and Iran.    Indo-Iranians, or Cimmerians, who lived in the territory of Ukraine became the first people in Eastern Europe to be mentioned in a written source, the "Iliad" by the Greek poet Homer. They had long swords and attacked settlements in modern central Ukraine.    Cimmerians, image on an ancient Etruscan vase   In the 7th century BC, the Scythians came to Ukraine.
2017 December 25 Monday, 16:39
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 25.12.2017    For the first time, Ukraine has a holiday on December 25, Christmas Day. The statutory day-off was added this year as yet another sign of the strong European choice Ukrainians have made starting with the Revolution of Dignity of 2013-14, and the true independence of Ukraine.   Traditional Orthodox Christmas will still be celebrated on January 7 in Ukraine. Saint Nicholas Day on December 19 by the Orthodox calendar is an observed but not a statutory holiday. Did Moroz (Father Frost) and Snihurochka (Snow Maiden) are making a cultural comeback in Ukraine. New Years is of course a big celebration, as it is all around the world. Add it all up, and Ukraine is a magical place in the darkest days of
2017 December 25 Monday, 13:06
Oleksandr Palii, A History of Ukraine, 24.12.2017    EPISODE FOUR HERE    In the middle of the 4th millennium BC, the Serednii Stih culture (named after a site in Zaporizhia) emerged on the outskirts of the Trypilian Culture between the Lower Dnipro and the Lower Don. The local population switched from agriculture to transhumance. Groups of herdsmen would drive flocks to remote pastures in the spring and return to the villages in the fall.    Cattle breeders initially found it difficult to compete with the Trypilians as they had worse tools and weapons. Archaeologists found a settlement in southern Ukraine in which all men were Trypilians and all women came from the Serednii Stih culture.    At the
2017 December 24 Sunday, 11:01
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 24.12.2017    Russia broke the “Christmas ceasefire” within hours of it supposedly taking effect. Russian forces invading Europe in Ukraine attacked three times early on December 23. They attacked in the “Svitlodarsk bulge” area of the battlefront, which is north of the occupied city of Debaltseve. The Russians fired 82mm mortars, grenade launchers, heavy machine guns and small arms at Ukrainian defenders who are dug in in fortified positions near the village of Luhanske. Russia also attacked to the north of the occupied city of Donetsk, striking Ukrainian defenders near the town of Avdiivka. To the south, the Russians attacked across the battlefront at Ukrainian positions near the village of
2017 December 24 Sunday, 09:09
Igor Aizenberg, Facebook, 23.12.2017, English version by Oliya Melnichuk    Four days ago, I wrote about a "strange" sudden appearance, in multiple Western media outlets, of articles with the same theme of "Total corruption of Ukraine", dated between December 5th and 12th, pushing forward the notion that Poroshenko administration's orders are going after those who have to fight corruption, also expressing sympathy towards "Robin Hood" and sending him condolences due to his detainment for this very reason. This left me with the impression of a carefully mastered campaign. Moreover, mastered on the highest possible level with the skillful use and manipulation of the Western free press.  So, who are the authors behind these articles (that is the
2017 December 23 Saturday, 16:04
Oleksandr Palii, A History of Ukraine, 23.12.2017   EPISODE THREE HERE   In the late 19th century, the Ukrainian archaeologist Vikentii Khvoika discovered ancient, masterfully designed pottery near the village of Trypilia in the Kyiv region. The culture was initially named after the village of Cucuteni in Iasi County, Romania, where similar ceramic fragments had been found in 1884 by Teodor Burada. Then scientists named it the Cucuteni-Trypilian Culture.    The population of the territory covered by the Trypilian Culture was at least one million at any given time. Trypilian villages formed large populated areas where neighbors lived in safety.    The oldest of these dated back to the Stone Age, the 6th millennium
2017 December 23 Saturday, 13:09
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 23.12.2017    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is finishing its fourth calendar year. In that time, Ukraine has evolved rapidly into a thoroughly European, Western, and democratic country – what it was was always meant to be from a millennium of history and culture and tradition. Also in that time, Russia has devolved rapidly into a regime of state terror and imperialist aggression, that rivals the totalitarianism of the Stalinist era. In the past, Russian aggression against Ukraine and occupation of its territory had suppressed the Ukrainian national spirit. But with Putin’s War of Aggression – and occupation of some of the territory of Ukraine – this time the Ukrainian people are united and
2017 December 23 Saturday, 09:53
Oleksandr Palii, A History of Ukraine, 22.12.2017, English version by Vasyl Starko    EPISODE TWO HERE   Around the 7th millennium BC, the residents of what is now Ukraine started using bows and arrows and domesticated dogs at the same time as those who lived in Southern Europe and Western Asia. People learned to travel along rivers on rafts and later in boats. The rivers of Ukraine turned into transportation routes and accessible sources of fish.    From the 7th until the 4th millennium BC, people in Ukraine learned not only to gather the gifts of nature but also to reproduce them thanks to cattle breeding and agriculture. Hunting no longer provided enough food for the growing tribes and, moreover, reduced the population
2017 December 22 Friday, 14:15
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 22.12.2017    Moldova and Ukraine suffered total Russian occupation in the past and suffer partial Russian occupation now. These countries know Russian aggression from bitter experience. Finding ways to make the unwelcome Russians pack up and go home is a common concern of Moldovans and Ukrainians.   The longest illegal occupation by Russian armed forces of part of a European country dates back to the period when the Soviet Union was collapsing. The Trans-Dniester region of Moldova has been occupied by Russian troops since the time of Yeltsin. The Russians call their soldiers peacekeepers, even though they have no mandate from the United Nations and the Moldovans have demanded they leave – repeatedly. 
2017 December 22 Friday, 10:48
Oleksandr Palii, A History of Ukraine, 21.12.2017, English version by Vasyl Starko    EPISODE ONE HERE    The great glaciation of the Northern Hemisphere began 1 million years ago, reaching a peak from the 150th to the 100th millennium BC. Lower temperatures caused a glacier up to several kilometers thick to spread out from Scandinavia and cover much of Europe. In those days, most of the territory of Ukraine was periglacial — it was traversed by herds of mammoths, reindeer, buffalo etc., as well as by primitive hunters. In certain periods, the glacier reached down the valley of the Dnipro to the territory of what is now the city of Kremenchuh. Winds blowing from the glacier toward periglacial plains picked up dust and
2017 December 21 Thursday, 13:05
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 21.12.2017    The shock of Russia’s attack on Novoluhanske is still fresh. Russian armed forces invading Europe in Ukraine fired 40 rockets at civilian targets in the small town on December 18. They launched the rockets from Grad multiple-launch rocket systems located in Russia-occupied Horlivka, a little over 10 kilometres away. Eight people were injured – six of these were elderly ladies and one was a six-year-old child. 50 buildings in Novoluhanske were damaged, and some were set on fire in the attack. Russian rockets exploded in the area of a school, a kindergarten, and an outpatient clinic. Electricity and natural gas supply to the town are disrupted, and Ukrainian emergency services have set up warming
2017 December 21 Thursday, 12:54
Олег Пономар, Facebook, 21.12.2017  Традиційно наприкінці року підбиваємо підсумки минулого року та пишемо плани на рік майбутній.   2017 — ГОЛОВНІ ПОДІЇ:   1 Призначення Мюллера спецпрокурором для розслідування зв’язків Трампа та його оточення з Московією, висунуто звинувачення Фліннові та Манафортові.    2 Призначення Волкера спецпредставником державного департаменту США стосовно України.    3 Набрання чинності безвізового режиму для громадян України в країнах Евросоюзу.    4 Ухвалення закону про те, що вступ до НАТО є головною зовнішньополітичною метою України.   5 Два роки Україна не купує природного газу в Московії.    6 Ухвалення Конґресом США
2017 December 21 Thursday, 12:26
Oleksandr Palii, A History of Ukraine, 20.12.2017, English version by Vasyl Starko    The first humanoid creatures emerged in East Africa some 2.5 million years ago. About 1.2 million years ago, humanlike beings came to Europe via the Balkans. The oldest discovered settlement of hominid creatures in Central and Eastern Europe is located in Ukraine. Hand axes and scrapers made from stone and bones dating back more than 1.1 million years were discovered at a site near the village of Korolevo in Zakarpatia (Transcarpathia). Flint tools and the bones of the steppe elephant, the Etruscan rhinoceros, the giant deer, hyenas etc. were found at a 400,000-year-old site near town of Medzhybizh in Khmelnytsky Oblast (region).  HOMO SAPIENS
2017 December 20 Wednesday, 22:58
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 20.12.2017    Russia is invading Ukraine and the situation of human rights in Crimea is dire. The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (the UNHCHR) issued a report and found that the treatment the Russian occupiers dish out to Ukrainian citizens in temporarily occupied Crimea is much worse than at any time since Putin invaded on 20 February 2014. The Third Committee of the United Nations General Assembly (the Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Affairs Committee) issued a draft resolution based on the UNHCHR report and European Union reports about what is going on behind Putin’s invasion of Europe battlefront that stretches across Ukraine.   United Nations reports reveal a significant deterioration
2017 December 20 Wednesday, 10:52
Доктор Немо, Radio Lemberg, 20.12.2017   Найкращі лідери — сильні та рішучі, але разом із тим скромні. Скромність не означає, що ви слабкі або невпевнені в собі. Це означає, що ви достатньо свідомі та тверді в переконаннях для того, щоб бачити заслуги інших, не відчуваючи загрози для себе.    Скромність означає, що ви готові прийняти думку, що могли помилятися, визнати, що не можете мати відповідей на всі питання. А отже, ви віддасте належне тим, хто цього заслуговує.    Джим Коллінз так пише про найкращих лідерів: «Винагороджуючи тих, завдяки кому став можливим успіх компанії, вони дивляться у вікно, а не у дзеркало».   Забути про «ЕГО»      Скромність
2017 December 20 Wednesday, 07:55
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 19.12.2017        Russia may start an offensive against Ukraine, all along the battlefront in Donbas where Putin’s army is invading Europe.   Russia launched a terror attack on civilians in the village of Novoluhanske, Ukraine on December 18. Russian armed forces fired a full salvo of rockets from a Grad multiple-launch rocket system located in Russia-occupied Horlivka. Pro-Russian accounts on social media posted observations and comments and confirmations online. The outskirts of Horlivka lie 10 kilometres to the south-west of Novoluhanske. The rockets were fired by the Russians at civilian targets in the village of Novoluhanske. 47 homes were damaged in the village. A school, a kindergarten, and a
2017 December 19 Tuesday, 12:29
Олег Пономар, Facebook, 19.12.2017 Україна завдяки Майданові вирвалась з колоніального рабства Московії і зробила великий поступ до Заходу, до західних військово-політичних та економічних інституцій (НАТО й ЕС), до европейської Цивілізації. Після втечі московського намісника, Віктора Януковича, на територію колишньої метрополії з усіма коштами України та її народу, у держскарбниці України було лише ₴100,000 (приблизно десять тисяч доларів!). Як довго Україна змогла би протриматись, якби Захід миттєво не надав вагому фінансову допомогу? Тиждень? Місяць? І знову би повернулась до Москви...    Відкрию вам один "секрет". МВФ є організацією більше геополітичною, ніж економічною. МВФ є гаманцем Заходу (ще один "секрет" — практично все в МВФ
2017 December 19 Tuesday, 11:49
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 18.12.2017    Russia is invading Europe in Ukraine. Putin’s assault on the largest country that is wholly within Europe has been underway for 3 years, 9 months, 28 days. Russia illegally occupies Crimea and part of Donbas, and Putin’s army attacks across the battlefront near the cities of Luhansk, Donetsk, and Mariupol relentlessly. In order to achieve his war aim of destroying Ukraine, Putin needs Western leaders to make two colossal mistakes. The first mistake Russia needs the West to make is to refuse to provide lethal weapons to Ukraine. The second mistake Putin desperately hopes appeasing Western leaders will make is to lift sanctions on Russia before Russia leaves Crimea and Donbas and while Russia
2017 December 18 Monday, 12:54
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 17.12.2017    Russia is rattled. It’s now four years after EuroMaidan, the Revolution of Dignity, began in Ukraine. All of Putin’s evil machinations to destroy the freedom of the Ukrainian people have failed. The war Russia is waging against Ukraine continues to inflict a terrible toll, but Russian forces are not advancing. Furthermore, the propaganda lie that Russia’s invasion of Europe in Ukraine is somehow an internal conflict within Ukraine is going nowhere. All the world sees that it is a rampaging Russian army that is killing, wounding, and destroying in Donbas. Sanctions against Russian individuals and entities are being extended, not lifted.   Russia is a nation without honour. If it had
2017 December 17 Sunday, 09:57
Editorial, Radio Lemberg, 17.12.2017    Dear readers in the E.U., in the U.S., in Canada and in Japan,    Your governments and non-government organizations donate to many projects in Ukraine which have a positive and permanent influence on our society. Meanwhile, there are many local organizations and institutions which use your good name and your money, but they’re doing absolutely the wrong job.    For example, checking on their activity in social networks you will find that many of these "independent media" and "anti-corruption NGOs" share nothing but unverified and biased information about Ukraine, often generated by Russia's propagandists. It sounds unbelievable but, for example, Radio Liberty in Ukrainian
2017 December 17 Sunday, 09:29
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 16.12.2017    The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe has a Special Monitoring Mission in Ukraine: the OSCE SMM. This mission has a false premise, because the OSCE SMM refuses to acknowledge that Russia is a party to the conflict, that Russia is the aggressor, and that the war being fought on the territory of Ukraine is between Russian invaders and Ukrainian defenders. Russia should be expelled from the OSCE for naked violations of the Helsinki Final Act, but instead the OSCE invites Russia to place monitors on the OSCE SMM mission and forbids Ukraine from placing monitors. This bizarre situation means invader Russia is “monitoring” its own invasion through and organization which is supposed
2017 December 16 Saturday, 10:56
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 15.12.2017    Russia is torturing Ukrainian political prisoners by denying them medical treatment. Denying medical treatment to prisoners is a crime under international human rights law. When state authorities take a person into custody, international human rights law requires those state authorities to provide the most appropriate treatment in accordance with professional medical standards. Russia has been invading Europe in Ukraine since 20 February 2014, and has been violating every article of international human rights law while doing so. Particularly outrageous is Russia inflicting suffering on Ukrainian captives by taking away the medical treatment and care they need and which they must receive under international
2017 December 15 Friday, 12:56
Олег Пономар, Facebook, 15.12.2017    У понеділок я написав про те, що на мою думку, на Заході є незадоволення темпами структурних реформ в Україні. Депутати, які вчора повернулись зі США, це підтвердили. В чому справа?    Маємо затримку з черговим траншом від МВФ. Ми не виконали ще п'ять рекомендацій (і наших зобов'язань) МВФ плюс питання ринку землі.    Маємо затримку з черговим траншом від ЕС. Ми не виконали чотири рекомендації (і наші зобов'язання).    Ми виконали нашу Угоду про асоціацію з ЕС лише на 15%.    Тобто ми реально буксуємо і ми маємо говорити про це вголос.    Верховна Рада має ухвалити всі потрібні закони. Мінімум — десять законів для розблокування
2017 December 15 Friday, 12:35
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 14.12.2017     Ukraine can now buy lethal weapons from Canada. Canadian defence firms are no longer prohibited from selling their goods and services to Ukraine. A change in Canada’s regulations came about on December 13 when the Canadian government added Ukraine to the Automatic Firearms Country Control List (the AFCCL). This is an exclusive list of countries for whom the Canadian government will consider granting an export permit for lethal weaponry. A statement issued with the amendment order read in part: “The Government of Canada has determined that Ukraine is an appropriate destination for inclusion on the AFCCL.” With Ukraine added to the list, there are now 40 such countries. Ukraine joins
2017 December 14 Thursday, 10:33
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 13.12.2017   Russian shelling of Ukrainian defenders and civilians was particularly intense all along the Donbas battlefront on December 12. Witness reports came in from Luhansk to Donetsk to Mariupol, and from some places that for a long time have been relatively quiet. Russia’s invasion-occupation forces in Ukraine typically fire shells and rockets from residential areas of towns and villages, using a “human shield” tactic to avoid counter-battery fire from the Ukrainian defenders. Witnesses are usually able to tell where the Russians are shooting from, because it is nearby to their apartments and houses. The Russians also typically start their bombardments by shooting back at Russia-occupied territory, to
2017 December 13 Wednesday, 10:54
Олег Пономар, Facebook, 12.12.2017    Я не хочу боротись проти вітряків. Я не хочу сидіти перед екраном та лише тим і займатись, що когось заспокоювати та спростовувати фейки та напівфейки.    Ви не забули, що триває гібридна війна? І що її надважлива складова частина — це війна інформаційна?    Ви не забули, що ми програли інформаційну війну вже давно? І що з боку України, в усьому медіапросторі, кремлівській пропаганді протистоять лише кілька політиків у Facebook та кілька наших блоґерів у Twitter та Facebook?    Ви не забули, що кожній "гарячій" новині треба дати час, пару днів, охолонути?    Ви не забули, що Москва кинула до бою всі свої сили та консерви у світі, в Европі, в
2017 December 12 Tuesday, 13:38
Доктор Немо, Radio Lemberg, 12.12.2017   Міжнародна група науковців Іллінойського університету експериментально змогла підтвердити існування нового стану матерії – екситонію. Майже 50 років фізикам не вдавалося досягти такого результату, повідомляє журнал Science.   «Група експериментаторів виявила конденсат із квазічастинок (екситонів), які є пов’язаним станом електрона і «проміжку» з позитивним зарядом. Конденсат, за їх висновками, і є екситонієм, новим станом матерії. Квазічастинки-екситони нагадують бозони: вони не пов’язані з електричним зарядом і можуть перебувати в одному квантовому стані», – наголошується в повідомленні.    Щоб підтвердити існування екситонію наукові
2017 December 12 Tuesday, 11:53
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 12.12.2017    The Ukrainian Canadian Film Festival held a screening Monday night in Ottawa of a powerful documentary called “The Trial: The State of Russia vs Oleg Sentsov.” The film is about the most famous Ukrainian prisoner of conscience held by Russia, the film director and writer Oleg Sentsov, 41. It concerns the events of his Kafka-esque show trial by the Russian occupation authorities in Crimea. “The Trial” is by Askold Kurov, and is a 2017 Poland-Estonia-Czechia co-production.    The case against Oleg Sentsov was fabricated and political. The charges were that Sentsov was the head of a terrorist organization and leader of a plot to blow up monuments. But the Russian
2017 December 12 Tuesday, 10:53
Oleh Ponomar, Facebook, 11.12.2017    Maybe some of you aren't interested in this topic, but I feel very obligated to write about it. My friends, when we strongly needed faith, I wrote about Faith. When we strongly needed confidence, I wrote about Confidence. Today we strongly need more decisive reforms and I must write about them.    So, the main focus of public discussion this week is the battle for a clear and open land market in Ukraine.    I would like to respond to those who say that the moratorium has been extended for another year due to unresolved specific technicalities.    Just to remind: Ukraine, according to the Memorandum with the IMF, was supposed to open the land market in May of this
2017 December 11 Monday, 21:40
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 11.12.2017      The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in Paris on 10 December 1948, 69 years ago. Human Rights Day, the 10th of December, is an opportunity to reflect on the condition of human rights in the world. The gravest violations and abuses of human rights today are being committed by the Russian Federation. These outrages are most egregious where Russia is invading Europe, which right now is in the southern and eastern parts of Ukraine. Putin’s War and illegal occupation of Crimea and parts of Donbas have led to almost every Article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights being violated by Russia.   Article 1 of the Universal
2017 December 11 Monday, 11:18
Алекс Бен-Арі, Radio Lemberg Israel, 10.12.2017    Формально Сенат США ухвалив спеціальний закон про визнання Єрусалиму столицею Ізраїлю ще далекого 1995 року, ба з одним «але»: у президента США була і є можливість відкладати набрання чинності цього закону щопівроку, підписуючи відповідні укази. Це «але» давало змогу Сенатові не втручатися у міжнародні відносини США, які (так вже склалося історично) є повноваженням Адміністрації президента, а також дозволяло саме президентові ухвалювати рішення залежно від геополітичних інтересів Сполучених Штатів. Білл Клінтон, Джордж Буш Молодший, Барак Обама — всі вони відкладали це рішення щодо Єрусалиму, розуміючи, наскільки шкідливим воно може бути для мирного процесу, який із
2017 December 11 Monday, 00:54
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 10.12.2017      Russia has been invading Europe in Ukraine for 3 years, 9 months, 20 days. Putin’s army has not given up any of the territory it has gained since the Battle of Debaltseve in January-February 2015. Russia has not respected a single provision of the Minsk Agreements, such as a ceasefire, withdrawal of heavy weapons, and returning control of the international border. Russia attacks Ukrainian defenders and civilians every day and every night. Over 10,000 innocent civilians have been killed in Putin’s War, including 298 people who were aboard Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 that Russian armed forces shot down. Over 1.5 million Europeans who are Ukrainian citizens have been made homeless by
2017 December 10 Sunday, 11:00
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 09.12.2017      Ukraine’s education law is vindicated. As the Ukrainian government stated all along, a law on education that emphasizes teaching the state language in state schools is good policy and solidly in keeping with European practice. This is the conclusion of the European Commission for Democracy through Law, known as the Venice Commission, which is an advisory body of the Council of Europe. The Venice Commission found there was no merit in the complaint from Hungary that the language article of the law “On Education” narrows the rights of representatives of national minorities.    The law “On Education” is innocuous. It says that Ukrainian is the state language of
2017 December 09 Saturday, 13:08
Rex Tillerson, OSCE Ministerial Plenary Session, Wien, 07.12.2017 Thank you for the opportunity to address this body. The OSCE is an indispensable pillar of our common security architecture that bolsters peace and stability in Europe and Eurasia. Of all the challenges confronting the OSCE today, none is more important or vexing than the situation in Ukraine. The United States is committed to Ukraine’s sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders. We call for full implementation of the Minsk agreements. We will never accept Russia’s occupation and attempted annexation of Crimea. Crimea-related sanctions will remain in place until Russia returns full control of the peninsula to Ukraine. 
2017 December 08 Friday, 13:47
Олег Пономар, Facebook, 08.12.2017   Все пропало? Ні! Майдан був критично важливим. Майдан був першим кроком, без якого Україна не мала б жодного майбутнього. Майдан вирвав Україну з-під лап Московії. Україна повернулась до Европи. Україна за ці чотири роки стала асоційованим членом Евросоюзу. Україна впевнено крокує до НАТО.    Але. Як я писав на початку 2015 року — це лише початок Шляху.    Майдан створила найпасіонарніша частина суспільства, якої, як і в кожній країні, у нас не більше 15%. Решта 85% це справжнє болото. Цю частину суспільства зґвалтовано більшовизмом і совком протягом ста років. Ця частина суспільства хоче та чекає простих рішень, яких немає і яких не буває. Ця частина суспільства обрала Раду. І
2017 December 08 Friday, 13:01
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 08.12.2017    Ukrainians and Russians are radically different people. Their societies are nothing like each other, at the roots. This distinctness is something Ukrainians know and feel and experience from birth. Russians who can escape from Kremlin propaganda have a sense of it too. But in Western Europe and North America most people merge the notions of “being Ukrainian” and “being Russian.” This erroneous perspective has had ill consequences for Ukraine. Descriptions have been imposed from outside, and the Moscow viewpoint has dominated for hundreds of years. Until recently, Ukrainians have not been giving voice to themselves, and having that voice heard beyond their borders.   With the
2017 December 08 Friday, 12:29
Олег Пономар, Facebook, 07.12.2017    Спочатку задача на логіку. Всі московитські масмедіа, весь московитський інтернет, всі московитські соцмережі безпрецедентно активно висвітлюють тему "корупції та боротьби проти корупції в Україні". (Ми не навіть не питаємо про те, чому вони всі не боряться проти корупції у себе на Московії, де протягом останніх 15 років, за різними оцінками, вкрадено два-три трильйони доларів — ось де Корупція!) Московія напала на Україну і веде проти нас бойові дії. А корупція дуже сильно роз'їдає владу та суспільство, критично послаблює державність. Тобто Московія має бути дуже зацікавленою у високій корупції в Україні. А вона — навпаки, дуже цим переймається та бореться. Де тут логіка??   Логіку
2017 December 07 Thursday, 14:00
Michael MacKay, Radio Lemberg, 07.12.2017    December 6 was Armed Forces Day in Ukraine. Ukrainian armed forces have been in combat for over three years, stopping Russia’s invasion of Europe in Crimea and Donbas. Ukrainians and people in other Western countries have a lot to celebrate and to give thanks for. On the battlefield, Ukraine is saving Europe.   The Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances was signed on 5 December 1994, 23 years ago. Ukraine was three years old as a once-again independent country. Russia was also three years old as a once-again independent country, but it chose to call itself the Russian Federation and claimed to be the successor state of the Soviet Union. Western countries accepted the lie that Russia alone was
2017 December 07 Thursday, 11:55
Rex Tillerson, NATO Headquarters, Brussels, 06.12.2017
2017 December 06 Wednesday, 21:53